Kong: Skull Island | Movie Review

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  • Ms_K reply This movie was GREAT,enjoyed your review!
  • theplanetd reply I don't have much desire to see this movie. I feel like King Kong has been done to death. But maybe it's worth viewing for the visuals. Thanks for the review! Cheers
  • WebNoob reply I didn't know Samuel Jackson was in it. Jackson vs Kong. Mothafucka, yes...
  • Cellblock776 reply I'm on the fence with this movie. When I first saw the trailers I was thinking, "Why the heck do they need to make Kong that fricking big?" Now I'm hearing that the idea is to pit him against the new Godzilla in a future cinematic universe. Either way, I'm not sure if I will eventually see it in theaters or wait for it to show up on a streaming service and watch it home on the big screen TV.
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