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  • [ – ] KinTailFox reply Really awesome picks! I'm so happy you showed me all these awesome creators. Gotta go follow now :3
  • [ – ] Calibri_Funtimes reply This is great! And what awesome channels! Great video, @RetroBitGaming!
  • [ – ] Rawman reply You really know the creators you recommended. Great video. I know some channels go about spamming the upvote thing. Not accusing the dude just commenting on what you said haha. Great video. Really like your intro. You an animator?
    • [ – ] RetroBit parent reply You have no idea how flattering that animator remark is too me. Hahah. I like to play around with animation, but i am no animator, I did however make the intro in Adobe Animate. :P Thanks for dropping in @itsOnlyRawman !
      • Rawman parent reply Nah! Don't mess about! That actually looked like a legit animator done it! I was really enquiring because i thought it was good. Wow.
  • [ – ] JumanjiJim reply nice list
  • [ – ] SinglePlayer reply Thanks for the shoutout, man! I really appreciate the support. Glad that you like the voiceovers! :D
    • RetroBit parent reply Anytime! You do stellar work and I look forward to what you're going to bring to the table in the future!
  • [ – ] Renegade1 reply Hello! Do you like improv sketches? I actually have some artsy videos on my channel. I'm also a retro gamer that just started a channel on youtube today but will migrate to a separate vidme channel soon. This current channel is devoted to artsy, highbrow poems and puppet theater. On youtube I had a wide array of content from youtuber parodies to random "gag" videos but I'm probably not going to go as crazy with this channel. I'm kind of sticking to what I love the most. Feel free to check me out and I always appreciate feedback!
    • [ – ] RetroBit parent reply I like where the channel is going so far! Even if the puppet in your first video made my heart stop momentarily. Hahah. Keep it up!
      • Renegade1 parent reply Thanks! I made a new video yesterday of him reading "Doing It!" by Youtuber Hannah Witton. Also working on episode 3.
  • [ – ] MrKnoxious reply Oh hey, I just saw this! Thanks you so much :D It means a lot. I really like this community project happening and it's one of the things that makes Vidme great.
    • [ – ] RetroBit parent reply Don't thank me, it was allll you man! I had a lot of great laughs off your content and am definitely looking forward to more in the future. I love that vidme feels more like a community than just throwing videos out into the ether hoping someone can find it. Cheers! :D
  • [ – ] BloodMoonGaming reply Cool channels :)
  • [ – ] MegaRetroMan reply What a surprise! I just now saw this. Thank you so much brother. I'm honored to be 1 of your 5 picked channels. It's always a pleasure to interact with you here and Twitter. Thank you for this and the kind words. This really has made my evening. ^_^
    • RetroBit parent reply No problem man! It's all your content, I just happen to stumble upon it. Just keep doing what your doin! :D
  • MosleyBoxing reply What's up, man! I just found and followed you by way of Toy Bounty Hunters channel! I'll be checking out more of your channel over the weekend! You'll see me! :)
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