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A CALL TO YOUTUBERS | Spread the word! #WTFU

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January 1 2017

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With Youtube's copyright systems, anyone can shut down any Youtube channel with just a few clicks. This is because of the way the DMCA, or Digital Millenium Copyright Act, is set up without reprecussions for people who abuse the system. Lenz v Universal is a court case that addresses this and requires that Fair Use be taken into account; now the case may go before the Supreme Court and I need your help. (OPEN FOR MORE) ❤ Becky Boop For those interested in participating, contact me by email at or DM me on Twitter at Follow my twitter for breaking news: SOURCES: - h3h3Productions, "We're Being Sued" - h3h3Productions, "A New Chapter for Fair Use on YouTube" - Doug Walker, Channel Awesome, "Where's The Fair Use? - Nostalgia Critic" - I Hate Everything, "I Hate Everything vs Derek Savage - IT'S OVER" - Becky Boop, "Youtube's Copyright System can be ABUSED by Anyone, Here's How | #WTFU Where's the Fair Use" - Brief for an Amicus Curiae: - Lenz V. Universal BONUS INFO: - Fair Use cases: - Fair Use in the law, 17 US Code 107: - DMCA legal document: - Youtube information on copyright claims: - Youtube information on Copyright strike: - Lenz v Universal "Fair Use must be taken into account" decision:

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