Election HQ #21: Polls tighten further. Plus news & your comments

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  • [ – ] bxcope reply Hopefully one candidate is NOT a globalist communist. A culture rich protection with huge National Independent country view. If not, breaking from NATO will be harder ands needs to be done.
    • [ – ] CaptainSwitzerland parent reply Tough call there. Corbyn's anti-establishment, but probably a lot closer to the communist end of the scale than you'd like. May is backing brexit, but is a total establishment shill. The best bet for culture protection could possibly be UKIP, but they're unlikely to get any MPs. Left wing policies and a skepticism of NATO/establishment w/ Corbyn or Right wing policies and cosying up to the elites. w/ May Thems the choices.
      • bxcope parent reply well, not all rich elitist are evil, so I would go the second one but I am neither lib,conserv,or progress. I like and dislike things in each one but the one that will be more national and cultural non-non-globalist because right now are school system in under siege, like that Nazis did, but we have PedoNazis deepstate in the US. It is a radical Liberal Progressive group but all sides are involved 1/3 of govt. Eek, I know, big swamp to get rid of, but on the up side we needed less govt anyway
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