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  • [ – ] JoeMischief reply Might be worth working on getting the points/followers etc to get yourself verified? Was a really refreshing change from gaming vids/drama etc to stumble across your work in the new videos. Would prob do Vidme some good to FEATURE stuff like this. Give people options of something different and would be a bit of kudos for them to assist launching artists. Welcome to quote me on this...
    • [ – ] ChasingStars parent reply thank you! that means a lot and I am trying I think if I am not mistaken to get verified you have to have so many followers and views. I appreciate your kindness and support though!
      • JoeMischief parent reply Yeah it says 'strongly suggested' 50 followers but have seen loads of people with far less and verified. I think they judge a lot on points which you get from views upvotes/upvoting others followers/following other people etc. Interacting is the key as far as I see it... Might be worth having a nosey around verified people to see what the minimum seems to be. You have something a bit unique they might bend the rules a bit for. It's a human moderator that makes the decision after all...
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