Activision (Run Blizzard, Run) Screwing Over Fans with Infinite Bullshit

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  • 8up_Gaming reply I havent played thst in a while
  • BabyThetans reply They're not going to split. They're the most profitable video game alliance there is. I agree with Fighting_Zenith that they were a lot better when they stood alone, because they're not able to do the things they used to. They completely ruined the Diablo franchise. Good thing we have Path of Exile.
  • 8up_Gaming reply No get me wrong. I still love overwatch. But Activision is milking the cod franchise dry.
  • Fighting_Zenith reply I got to agree that it sucks that Blizzard hasn't split from Activision yet. Honestly, they were better when they were separate entities.
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