Sonic The Hedgehog 2: All the Emeralds - Part 1

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  • [ – ] mrgameandpie reply Aw yeah, Sonic 2, such a good time. I remember back in my LP of it I played as Tails alone, so a neat little contrast there. Its also good that SOMEONE is showing off the special stages, because I sure didn't. I tend to find it rather tedious trying to get into them.
    • mrgameandpie parent reply Another thing that makes the emeralds easier to collect as Knuckles is that he keeps his rings after entering a special stage, but the stage's rings STILL respawn, meaning you don't have to constantly hunt rings down over and over again, and can instead stockpile ridiculous amounts.
  • 50-Percent reply This was my first Mega Drive game. Loved it! Always good to go back to the older titles sometimes!
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