Arpaio and the Pardon: A Rant

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  • [ – ] CotuatosTheGaul reply Guest.... FUCKING.....GUESTS. Kill me.
  • jinxofeden reply So, foreign Hungarian Nazi zombie provides the cash and the candidate, the 9th to provide the motive and all they found Arpaio on was a checklist that everyone from Amazon to branches of federal government use for identification purposes? Wall. Now.
  • Auceza reply You are making Arizona great again. :-)
  • VGJustice reply I'd like to see Arpaio ascend to the role of sheriff once again, if he's willing.
  • [ – ] wocassity reply Another amazing rant. Can't wait to see you on Gab!
  • Rusty_Shakleford reply Separate those from ones who are committing the ones who are committing a crime just by fucking being here!?!?!? What a nob.
  • Reconj reply "...he is going to be just fine." Glad he got pardoned.
  • Platypus67 reply If this is all true it's beyond disgusting - and trump is right. What tippt the balance for me was this toxic nazi-jew G. SOROS had his nasty fucking fingers in this game; and we KNOW what kind of agenda this mother fucking war criminal supports. This piece of despicable human toxic waste belongs on death row!!
  • Terran_Gell reply It's true: I am seething with hate.
  • roboticcoffee reply I'm glad your willing to speak your mind. Some people feel too scare because of the imposition of the government or radical leftists.
  • CR055H41RZ reply if anybody was wondering where you can find that snippet of the AZ sec state on Proposition 200 you can find it on archive org here:
  • Vidmefan101Z reply Epic exposure of Soros paid corruption in Arizona. Trump Arpaio pardon confirmed as 24 ct Gold. Good work.
  • EquallyWorthless reply I would not be surprised if, in an alternate universe, Obama was the one to pardon this man, the same people whining about it when Trump does it would be praising the same action just because a half-black man did it.
  • Bdrone reply fucking Soro's Fingters, so much in money wasted. goddamn. and really? "guests"! fuck that guy and fuck this whole situation for happening in the first place. what a gorram travesty.
  • Revengex reply Rage, to beat censorship, and YouTube scocial engeneers, join or form a speakers tour and sell tickets. Several speakers not just you. O'Riley does it, you can too. Musicians make money that way, not through a record co. YouTube will cry.
  • DragonFace reply Thanks RF. Excellent info!! I'm in SW WA. We have been invaded by illegals & refugees. 1/2 the kids here don't speak English. We've also got a Mexican gang problem. Someone recently crossed it the gang's tagging. I'm confident Trump is cleaning up this mess. I'm going to cheer when illegals, anchor babies & refugees are sent home.
  • [ – ] Fighting_Zenith reply Do I have to remind people that Arpaio threatened his critics with jail time? That, and he perpetuates that baseless myth/malicious lie that drugs "have always been illegal and legalizing them will cause societal collapse." I think both Soros and Arpaio deserve the Hokuto Zankai Ken.
    • Fighting_Zenith parent reply By the way, The Center for Immigration Studies has been exposed for exaggerating statistics; Obama has deported more illegal aliens than Bush (This includes criminals); your precious wall will cost $25-60 Billion and that is just the construction; and illegal immigration has actually reversed.
  • JellyMyst reply Hey, Paul Pansy! What do you call an uninvited guest? That's right: A burglar!
  • SPennLUE reply Obviously, since Razor only makes videos about topics that interest him, there is always some level of passion when he talks. But god DAMN can you hear the genuine fury in this video!
  • CryptoAndMarkets reply Great video Razorfist. Arpaio was a good man who kept your county safe. And I agree, it was all political. I mean, why else would they go to arrest him right before the election? Let alone to conflict of interest, the supreme Court overruled the verdict anyway me thinks
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