Islam will replace whites because we deserve it apparently.

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  • [ – ] bohemefit2 reply can i cut off the shitstains finger? my cat is hungry... But in all seriousness they are failing to blame the jews systems inc the fed reserve & in doing so are showing an example of low intelligence & even more reason to why we should boot them out back to their pastures of sand & goats..
    • [ – ] bohemefit2 parent reply I we give this idiot a camera & mich? if we did this over there we would be walked off a building. White guilt just has to stop..
      • [ – ] bohemefit2 parent reply & we *
        • [ – ] Sigurd88 parent reply They are laughing at us now but the day of reckoning is coming for them.
          • [ – ] bohemefit2 parent reply hopefully with our help.. things are moving dangerously weird here in australia (attacking dual citizens that are english but nothing is done about anyone else - like a pre giving europeans an ultimatum be multi australia (whites already minority & many get identify a jew) or renounce citizenship even though australia was built on farmers from all over europe & have lived here generation after generation) may our gods be with us & that we get back our lands & our ancient trees right to exist. No matter what they string us through & take from us, it makes me embrace my ale father more. Heil odin & the aryn magic that runs through our blood )O(
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