Kathy Griffin exposes Trump's atrocities to Australia!

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  • [ – ] rxantos reply Did she claim to be a "successful female comedian"?
  • [ – ] VauxhallViva1975 reply I'm disappointed that the hosts on this Aussie show, did not call her out or otherwise defend themselves for saying the host was full of crap for asking that question. Seemed perfectly reasonable question to me. That fucking photo DID cross a line - history proves that with the reaction to it at the time. Now she's trying to say that that reaction everyone had - didn't happen. Stupid bitch. As for actual 'Atrocities' that Trump has been doing - please state your evidence. To my knowledge, it is the LEFT that have been creating all the atrocities in the form of violence and trying to stop people going to events like Milo and Trump rallies. Trump did not do that shit, they did, and that is but one example. I wholeheartedly encourage all Aussies to NOT go to her events - don't encourage the bitch.
    • [ – ] microfree parent reply Have you not seen the reactions when trump was elected? THAT was the atrocity. I've seen less reaction when people find out children are murdered down the street... Seriously!
      • [ – ] VauxhallViva1975 parent reply Yes I have, and I choose to interpret what you are saying as the behaviour of the left following the result of the election was an atrocity - yes. If you mean that the very fact that Trump won the election was an atrocity, then no, I respectfully disagree with that. Every thing the media have tried to do to prove the election was rigged, has come back a negative. From recounts to Russian interference, the result always comes back given a little time, that none of that actually happened. Naturally CNN et el will never report that information though.....
        • [ – ] microfree parent reply My comment was for the former, that they reacted like the nukes were incoming and had moments to live.
          • VauxhallViva1975 parent reply Ahhhh - OK, thanks. :) I just was not sure. It sounded like you were suggesting Trump being elected in and of itself was the atrocity. ;) ;)
  • usr999 reply Right : "my little picture". Like when Palin had to retract her target map of democrats when one got actually shot. She never gave an answer to the question, too. Only rudeness. Apparently She took the question as an offense, so she had to throw it out there how experienced she is as a comedian. My view: She is on a downward trend, and needs to resort to extremism to stay in the limelight. Or Soros found a new tool for his plans...
  • [ – ] silverbanshee reply Kathy Griffin calling herself a comedian offends me. I am literally shaking with rage. I need a cuddle.
  • [ – ] heater reply you'd hope a 56 year old would have more fuckin sense
  • Belowme reply Is there such a thing as a Kathy Griffin mask? If so, then I bet tomato sauce would accessorize it nicely.
  • JoshRami reply Remember kids only you can help those suffering from Trump Derangement Syndrome by reporting it to mental health professionals
  • OctopusOnFire reply "their own material, that they wrote themselves" And then she thinks. Oh, fuck, I just debunked myself.
  • Shimeran reply Looks an awful lot like she's aware she burned a lot of good will in states and is hoping jumping countries will help. Still, I find it odd she thinks insulting people while smiling is the route to go. Is this something the Australian press normally accepts?
  • Pyrohead70 reply Comedian? I thought she was a professional cunt.
  • [ – ] Weishaupt reply Let's not beat around the bush and address the elephant in the living room: women aren't funny.
  • [ – ] ReWired reply You really call it tomato sauce? Do... do you put it on pasta? (o_O;)
  • [ – ] Corinthian reply "The actual atrocities that the president of the United States is committing." What fucking atrocities is he committing?! I don't see him forcing people into concentration camps or killing off an entire group of people, this bitch is out of her mind!
    • microfree parent reply He was elected... That was enough. Plus he tweets. Oh, he has TWO scoops of ice cream. Pretty sure that's important... Somehow. Manner matter, ask Kathy.
  • play2lose reply It's Ketchup. This means war Austria. That is how you spell your tomato sauce loving country isn't it?
  • [ – ] microfree reply The REAL issue here is it's not tomaaaaaTOE anything, it is tomAto... Sheesh... I hope trump bombs them for these egregious atrocities of the English language.
  • [ – ] VybeyPantelonez reply I wonder if thar coddled slender lady knows the horror and gravity of what she portrayed.... that kind of savagery has no place in western civilization
    • microfree parent reply That was sarcasm by the way... Pressed post accidentally. Was going to say he's a cis white rich male now with power, so he's the worst kind. Kathy is a woman with no power, so can do no wrong. Like the new racist thing... You can't be racist if you have no power, or some such bullshit.
    • microfree parent reply She's edgy and hip, making and statement and pushing the envelope. She's also oppressed by the patriarchy and they made her do it. Plus, Donald's white and had it coming
  • FunkyMunky reply Those saucy bastards
  • SarkanDrago reply So sad, Heinz a new promoter for vary fake news, we can not stand for the violence they try to stir up!
  • [ – ] the_angry_penguin reply shut it down...(((they))) know...
  • JohnnyAppleseed2 reply The only thing Kathy Griffin exposes, is her own stupidity.
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