Vlog - a Plea for Help

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  • [ – ] QuazzVids reply How are you doing finding a place to stay? Any offers?
    • [ – ] wearegods parent reply Unfortunately I can't seem to find anything, I have until Friday evening, after that everything is pretty much homeless shelter in crackheadsville. I have a friend that's at least willing to store our stuff in her shed out back, so the storage bit's at least resolved, just that a place to stay would be preferable.
      • [ – ] QuazzVids parent reply Have you tried craigslist or backpage to find a room? Or maybe a local college dorm finder group on facebook or something can help you guys find a place for $400 a month
        • [ – ] wearegods parent reply Current place stole my rent instead of sending it back like they were supposed to, so I'm flat broke. I've however been checking loads of places online, especially in the gay and furry communities. I thought I had $400 in my account, my payee however states they never got my rent back and the rental office here swears they mailed it back about a week ago.
          • [ – ] QuazzVids parent reply Is there any authority that can help with that?
            • wearegods parent reply Simplest way is to provide receipts to my payee showing the due dates of rent (always the 15th) and if cashed, show that I have no receipt for it, they're also aware I'm having to move out by then. If cashed, a chargeback will be filed. If not cashed, in 20 business days, the check will be cancelled and put back into my account.
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