Did Google Just Launch What Will SINK the "Unsinkable" YouTube!?!

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  • [ – ] NvanzGaming reply I gotta admit, YouTube certainly does seem to be making all the wrong choices lately.
    • [ – ] screwtubesucks parent reply Wrong to us, but very deliberate choices. Whether it profits them or not. It goes beyond money at this point when it comes to control.
      • [ – ] NvanzGaming parent reply Absolutely, but you can only keep control so long as people are there to control, if they don't stop crapping on their user base they might have a painful fall. I really hope they come to their senses and remember what YouTube is truly about or SHOULD be about, but I'm not holding my breath.
        • lozmastermm parent reply I've been on youtube for basically 12 years. Youtube is the most poorly ran buisness I've witnessed with that much power and potential in my young life, next to TNA. Youtube (Google) doesn't have any senses, just really bad buisness decisions. Youtube ain't goin back to 2005 and the CEO hardly knows anything about their own website. Youtube has been a joke for a decade.
    • [ – ] whatthefunk parent reply It's not wrong choices in (((their))) eyes. It's the shift that will come whether you like it or not. Control what you see. Done. Control what you say. Coming. Control what you think. In dev and will be coming.
      • [ – ] NvanzGaming parent reply I can't wait for the controlling what I think portion, I'm sure it's going to be pretty bland.
        • The_Modern_Cassandra parent reply Anyone who wants to control what I think is going to have one hell of a job ahead of them. I can out-stubborn the whole lot of them without even breaking a sweat! :-)
    • [ – ] GoMGTOW parent reply Well... This is what happens when you let Women drive! XDDD
    • mkondrath parent reply It's because the CEO acts, talks, and thinks like a 12 year old girl.
  • [ – ] MikeC reply I switched to after hearing TV is coming to UTube I figured I would establish a account!
  • [ – ] Peepingken reply Another switch over here!
  • [ – ] wolfalexzemla reply I don't watch you tube and they want me to pay to watch msm on there. In a word, delusional
  • XGuyy reply screw youtube they keep screwing over content creators . The whole reason I liked YT is because it wasnt TV!!!
  • [ – ] Christian_Ice reply Vidme for content creators. Netflix for TV. Youtube today for...moving the old Youtube audience here. Youtube tomorrow: Myspace.
    • [ – ] Christian_Ice parent reply You lost me at "liberal agenda". If you think this is a democratic/republican thing, you missed the point big time. Corporate media are not about "left" or "right", they are about money, and that's that.
    • TheScreaminGoat parent reply Oh God its been years since i've used Myspace (last time i used it i believe it was 2007).
  • PimpMasterBroda reply What's funny is this is the EXACT same trap that even some of the latest game consoles have fallen into. Xbox One upon it's reveal had several presentations about it's television capabilities built-in and how they would work with the revised Kinect. Both of them ended up failing because all people wanted was a high-powered gaming console that *shocker* could play games!
  • SamEarl13 reply YouTube's stupidity is the reason I stopped uploading there, they focus so much on things no normal people want whilst abandoning the creators and to top it all off Red and TV will probably never be available in the UK so people here (and other places it will be unavailable in) are getting screwed for literally no reason.
  • Vezeran reply What's funny is there was someone back in the 1940s who wanted a perfect society of perfect people who had little to no individuality. He wanted a society of blond-haired, blue-eyed people because, in HIS view, they were perfect, and everyone else was sub-par and ignored, crapped on, and/or enslaved (or just plain killed, if you haven't figured out who I'm talking about yet).
  • Kilooh reply $35 per month? For that money, I can get Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu and Starz. Oh yeah, this will be a resounding success.
  • [ – ] YannickTaylor reply Youtube is full of it right now
  • Lomax0506 reply Like OMG they put a valley girl in as head of Youtube. I'm sure this will end well.
  • [ – ] trav_v3 reply I only ever clicked the trending page on Youtube to see what the herd were up to.
  • [ – ] screwtubesucks reply I created after hearing about YouTube TV. Because we all know once YouTube becomes TV, we go back to slaves accepting what we are told, instead of questioning what we have been programmed to believe.
    • trav_v3 parent reply Lol they can NEVER put us back into that slavery TV mode. We have unlocked choice with the internet and they can never take that away. The beast is awakened. The distrust in mainstream news sources that this guy talks about, is going to include youtube soon.
  • Eric_Champlin reply YouTube is unsinkable? So was the Titanic and look what happened there. ;)
  • [ – ] OnyxDigitalCommissions reply What's keeping vidme from falling under the same category as YT eventually? What if a big corporation buys them out like yahoo, aol, msn or any other even google if vidme is paid a lot of money for it. I hope not but when money's involved people will do almost anything. Money makes it easy to corrupt people. Either that or they get approached by some government agency to be shut down if they don't cooperate with them. Vidme has no immunity they are just as much vulnerable to this shit as youtube. Or rather "CorporateTube" now. I just think people are getting too hyped for an alternative platform thinking it's immune to having the same thing done to it.. Everyone has a price and is subjected to being corrupted... I'm not naive like that.. I will continue to support vidme as a platform though until then because of what it currently represents. I just don't have my hopes up that it'll remain that way once a corporation sees potential and interest in wanting to buy them out.. When somethi...moreng seems too good to be true, I learned usually it is..
    • SpeedyGaming parent reply No I agree it's not like it won't happen, that's why we got to communicate with the crew working at vidme as best as we can so that they can focus their platform only on us and innovate and build up the company through encouragement. Any organization can become corrupted if we don't watch what they are doing or don't monitor them.
  • VictorSavelle reply Bro, Im telling you. I just wanted to make this same freaking video and you put it exactly how it is. We gotta collab somehow bro.
  • [ – ] snoopydadoopy reply Like your videos but please get a better mic!
    • HighImpactFlix parent reply Working on it. Thanks for the criticism.
    • [ – ] Sogen parent reply It's not a bad mic, it's too much reverb. Open room with little in it. A back prop like a privacy screen with some foam would fix that. Cheapest way would be to get three pieces of plywood, attach hinges, and then attach foam with double sided tape. The sound quality will get a lot better.
  • Gruesomecharb reply Done with YouTube
  • [ – ] Rodk691 reply Yep, made the switch.
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