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  • [ – ] TheLodge reply There's only room for one red door, and that's reserved for the Elm St house :D. Which could suggest Dougie is a dream if it's an ode. If we think of part 17 as being the ending, then we get a whole lot more setup than "How's Annie".
    • TheLodge parent reply I like the thought that the white lodge is making the sound. I once theorized that since the Laurorb was created by the Fireman and it came out from the top of his head... Maybe that is the moment when Laura was getting sucked out of the top of the red room.
  • Steve-Redfield reply Jackpots old lady and red would have been amazing!! Shit Cameron you just thought of a better ending 😂 I would have screamed if it happened that way 😂
  • Steve-Redfield reply I thought Cooper felt for the red curtain (like when he was in the lodge) he raised his arm forward to grab something that was no longer there. I thought that's how he realized it weren't the correct time or reality. I've only watched it once, I really need to watch it again
  • Steve-Redfield reply I still completely agree about Ray Wise should have been in more. (I pretend he was the one helping Dougie in the casino 😂) and the Cooper Diane thing. It just doesn't feel right. It's the only thing in 18 hours I had a problem with. Im along with everything else in the show, I love almost every single scene EXCEPT Cooper and Diane getting off with each other. Where did he fit Diane in emotionally between Windoms wife and Annie.
  • [ – ] Steve-Redfield reply I actually liked the secret history. There was even a mention of the Judy/mother creature (though we didn't realize at the time)
    • [ – ] ObnoxiousandAnonymous parent reply I'm going to revisit it now that I have context--but it's so dry.
      • Steve-Redfield parent reply Your right there. There are really interesting bits and bits you feel your eyes wondering over the lines a bit not taking it in 😂 I had to read in sections, but there are defo really interesting sections within it, it's just finding them 😜
  • Steve-Redfield reply Mandy and Annie with you Cameron 😁 double bonus! Will now go and watch it 😂
  • kdghantous reply Once again, thank you for a great show. Part of me wants you to make one every single day, but if that was the case I'd never catch up! I agree in general with one of the chat inhabitants: the 'filler' scenes (or sometimes insufficiently long scenes) exist so that episodes can be watched in parallel.
  • bcoady reply Maybe Audrey see the evolution of the arm as Charlie?!
  • bcoady reply This was best video ever!!!! You can theorize (which is always great) all day long, but picking out the flaws, and being honest about the show, was hilarious!!! I was in tears at work listening to it.
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