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  • [ – ] ElisabethPhilosophy reply What i try to say is : Is modern feminism really so female friendle? If you have to be something what your not, in order to be accepted you were never truly accepted in the first place.
    • FabioArtuso parent reply “We can’t ask ourselves if the woman is superior or inferior to man more than we can ask ourselves if water is superior or inferior to fire. Therefore, for each of the sexes the criterion of measurement cannot be given from the opposite sex, but exclusively from the “idea” of their own sex. The only thing that can be done is, in other terms, establish the superiority or the inferiority of a certain woman according to her being more or less near to the female typicity, to the pure or absolute women; and analogous thing also applies to man. The “demands” of modern woman derives, therefore, from wrong ambitions, besides from a complex of inferiority – from the wrong idea that a woman as such, as “only woman”, is inferior to man. Rightfully has been said that feminism has not fighted for the “rights of woman” but rather, without realizing it, for the right of woman to be the same as a man: thing that, even if it were possible outside of the exterior practicistic-intel...morelectual plane just said, would be equivalent to the right of woman to distort herself, to degenerate. The only qualitative criterion is, let us repeat, that of the degree of more or less perfect realization of one’s own nature. There is no doubt that a woman that is perfectly woman is superior to a man that is imperfectly man, in the same way as a peasant loyal to the land, who performs perfectly his functions, is superior to a king unable to perform his task”. - Julius Evola
  • -Nikki-9- reply Thanks for this video. Feminism has been incredibly destructive over the last several decades, for both women and men. I have never felt so deeply contented and happy as I have since i stopped focusing on career and became a wife and mother. Throughout school we were all expected to study hard and go to university ( I went to an all girls school). All the focus was on career, and there was no encouragement regarding having and raising a family. The brainwashing starts early in the education system. Even my own parents were only concerned about my career, as I had done well at school. It's probably just as well that I was also rebellious, and went my own way despite their disapproval, or I may never have had children. Feminism is really women fighting against their own true natures and biological instincts (there are many negative external factors contributing to this). Our strength lies in our softness, sensitivity and our ability to hold a space and nurture and care for other...mores. Men have different strengths that are complimentary to these. It's all very simple really, but all the propaganda has made a terrible mess of peoples minds.
  • Cmygo reply Modern Feminism, the first redpill. European women don't need female empowerment, they are empowered by being feminine.
  • Yekaterinka reply Great video. I wish more women were like you. Maybe there wouldn't be so many problems in the world if the male-female balance was brought back.
  • [ – ] justwondering reply I agree in general, although i have to add, that European women historically have been stronger. In semitic languages female names are usually taken from pleasant natural phenomena while in the North this is almost entirely absent. Women wear military names like Hildegard and Mechthild or names that have to do with intelligence or intuition like Alrun or Runhild etc. Also read Jordanes account of the deeds and Origin of the Goths and you will see that the Goths taught their wifes and daughters to defend themselves to the point a band of women could repell a conquering tribe all on their own in one case. This being said, femininity is to be treasured.
    • ElisabethPhilosophy parent reply Oh yes you have women who can fight. But because of simple physical differences in man and woman. Man with the same training are stronger. I may add not mentally!
  • [ – ] KalkiG2H reply I wish you took more time looking at the camera. 😉
  • TheMovieSituation reply Good vid! Keep em up👍
  • justwondering reply Also the core piece of the Nibelungensaga is how Siegfried preffered the lovely Kriemhild over the Shieldmaiden and Queen of Iceland Brunhild whom he assisted marrying off to a lesser man.
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