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  • [ – ] duffy reply don't listen to @JeremyG
  • Ms_K reply So we can post up Nintendo gameplay over here in VIDME? That's awesome 👏🏽
  • [ – ] Hypah reply Hi, i'am sorry for being a dickhead and I apologize. I understand if you don't accept it but i'm sorry.
  • [ – ] LegendGary323 reply Leave Donkey kong alone or you are going to catch my wolf hands! lmao you are trying so hard not to be a rude person! you had beef with DK pretty much this whole set lol how are you going to get the bullet and get bodied by the plant! Chaotic ima have to take your wiiu away and give it to @ShakeOfMilk
    • ChaoticGaming parent reply Try and touch my wii lol ( pause ) Asuri will claw your face in!!! Lol yo i did try but no more next one im raging like a mad man lol
  • Rawman reply No cussing them out!!!!??? Being nice???? UNFOLLOW UN-UPVOTE!! I only come for that stuff!!! Joking haha. I love the madness its funny. But it was also funny to watch you be tame because its killing you.
  • 2AwkwardDragons reply I could feel the burn of your butthurt from here man! Hahaha. Man I miss Mariokart!!!
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