Weekend Vlog: Saratoga Springs, Ferrets Go Outside for the First Time!

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  • [ – ] JustABloke reply Wow thunderstorm one day, blue skies next. I had to DuckGo "The Magic Moon" best comment was “I come here to get in touch with my inner-hippie-incense-loving-solstice-seeking-free-spirit-wanna-be-pagan self.” source https://www.yelp.com/biz/the-magic-moon-saratoga-springs LoL. You don't look like a hippie to me 🤔 Did you say Bees wax for Bigots ? OK back to DuckGo find out what a Baguette is hehe, cool it's like a french bread. Saratoga Spa State Park, beautiful, so jealous of that cyclist I saw go past. I've never seen a ferret on a leash before, cute, they looked scared. Is this a trend with vloggers ? Soon as I follow them they move halfway across the country like @JessicaMartwin . Just Saying.
    • [ – ] JessicaMartwin parent reply There is nothing wrong with moving halfway across the country! It was the best decision I have ever made! :D Drastic changes can be frightening but very fun :)
    • amberthest parent reply Haha, I would consider myself some type of hippie, you just havent seen me in my hippie clothes yet xD And your baguette comment made me laugh out loud, that was great. Yes it's so beautiful! And i was also jealous of everyone on bikes, I havent had a working bike for at least 6 years. They were a bit scared, but I think they also really enjoyed it. They probably didnt as much enjoy the three random people who pet them (with permission of course) Ive moved from Wisconsin to Tennessee to New York and soon to Washington, I just keep moving further and further across the country xD
  • [ – ] Flying_Purple_Pizzas reply very dramatic weather! The cranberry honey sounds intriguing. Good job on the plastic thing! I try not to use too much plastic either as it is a poison that is constantly gassing out into our environment, our food, our drink. But so many things are made out of it we can't entirely avoid it unfortunately. It's cool that you are seeking a spiritual connection. The Ganesha, the druidic symbolism, etc. My connection to spirit is important to me too. The bees really are in trouble. The Monsanto chemicals that are being sprayed everywhere to control pests, weeds, etc. are really destroying bee populations worldwide. It's very sad. We depend on the bees for so much. It's awesome you are standing with them! The ferrets are super cute! They seemed so excited to be exploring the park. You are definitely getting to see the country a bit. If nothing else, it will open your mind to different cultures within the larger culture. And different energies. Each place has it's signature vibrations. Wh...moreo knows what interesting things this experience with bring!
    • amberthest parent reply Yeah, the weather has been different day to day this spring, its pretty cool. The honey tastes good, and the cranberries were from Wisconsin, which is where I'm from so i thought it was extra good. Its so good to hear that you're trying to get away from plastic! Not enough people know about/care about plastic. I'm quite interested in spiritual things, learning more all the time :) Monsanto frustrates me so much! I wish there was more I could do for bees and farmers. If I had my own land I'd get hives. Maybe someday (as long as the bees last long enough for me to get my own land) The ferrets will be getting more outside time soon! I'm glad we found harnesses that actually stay on them, they are like noodles and can get out of just about anything. I kept telling them "if you wear it I promise you will get to go on rad adventures" Lol I'm absolutely loving living in different parts of the country! I only wish I had gotten out more in my time here in NY and met more people. I can't imagin...moree what great things are waiting in Washington, I'll be living there for a while :) Thanks for the awesome comments
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