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  • [ – ] zebular0 reply Same boat (minus the being promoted) I've only been on here 2 days and have seen WAAAY more interaction than I ever did on YouTube. I'm loving it!
  • [ – ] HeZoKo reply keep on making awesome vids!!
  • [ – ] BrianAiya reply yea i feel you. I might have more subs in Youtube than Vidme but in Youtube I got little to no comment at all. For me the engagement is more important than the number of views or subs, that's why i left youtube and became exclusive to Vidme. Keep it up Soops! This is just the beginning ;)
  • [ – ] CuneiformHub reply Yes, Vidme seems to have a great comment to view ratio. Vidme's got something special here.
  • [ – ] LVLWON reply Congrats! Vidme's community is great. On my older channels on YT I would have videos with a few thousand views, and then like 3 comments. Definitely didn't feel very connected.
    • Soops parent reply Yeah I feel you on that. That was the first time I ever connected with viewers in YEARS. It feel great! Thank you btw!
  • [ – ] duffy reply Awesome! Glad to have you as part of the Vidme community :)
  • [ – ] Wulfe reply Congrats on that! I know that probably feels like you're on top of the world! Keep it up soops!
  • [ – ] neyaonline reply I signed up for at the beginning of January and although I have uploaded two videos so far and my content doesn't exactly match the content that is mostly posted on, I can see the engagement that is happening around here. I didn't quit YouTube yet but I can totally see that in everyone engages with everyone and supports everyone and I think engagement is really important to building your own community. And I think that it's awesome!
    • [ – ] Soops parent reply Yeah the engagement is the main reason why I started prioritizing over YouTube. The fact that YouTube is the biggest platform is the reason why smaller channels have a hard time getting noticed. I think its a perfect time to start uploading to since its very small and the community is VERY welcoming :)
  • [ – ] FossilBossTV reply i was in the video \( ʘ ᗝ ʘ )/ omg
  • [ – ] FossilBossTV reply yeah im happy for you too ヽ( ◕ ͜つ ◕ )ノ
  • [ – ] superferno reply hey check out my content and tell me how im doing on my vids
  • [ – ] LeBlubBlub reply Awesome stuff man! Congrats on being featured. I love the amount of interaction on VidMe. It shows that its more than just making content but rather being a community and bring joy to each other. Your content IS great btw.
  • [ – ] Brologic_Productions reply you're reactions were great! I'm glad that the community could give you such a crowning moment of awesome. :3
  • [ – ] Epic_Mass_Animates reply nice video! I May animate This!
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