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  • [ – ] Feli1 reply You should do a vid on one piss specially with the shit controversy that's been going on in the manga it's so bad it's funny damn weebs lol
    • [ – ] copperfield42 parent reply what controversy?
      • [ – ] Feli1 parent reply It's not a crazy exaggerated one since the weebs are used to it by now cause nostalgia I'm talking about how shallow/ridiculous the latest arc have been along the sides of nerfing dogtooth and possibly more characters
        • [ – ] AManNamedRJ parent reply Im Reading around and the controversy is whether Pedro (not dogtooth) is alive or not. It has nothing to do with "nerfing" anyone. It's whether ODa has the canoes to keep Pedro Dead - which considering everyone who's died in the New World has stayed dead is probably the case. You could not possibly fuck this up UNLESS YOU DON'T READ THE DAMN SERIES. So then how are you calling something you don't understand bad?
          • [ – ] Feli1 parent reply Onetard nostalgia fags in a nutshell ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ always assuming shit without thinking also look up dogtooth and his devil fruit before bitching at me retard that's what I was mostly referring too now lick my balls bitch lol
            • AManNamedRJ parent reply "Nostalgia fags" Watch out we have an /a/ escapee. He wasnt Nerfed. Oda made a mistake about the type of devil fruit he had, which was corrected in the Takonbon release. This kind of thing happens all the time in Manga! How was he "nerfed?"
        • [ – ] AManNamedRJ parent reply How exactly was Dogtooth nerfed in the manga? The Guy hasn't appeared in like 60 chapters. and the 20 he appeared in he was injured by fighting the first mate of a Yonku. I'm fairly convinced you're Just making dumb shit up.
          • Feli1 parent reply Damn nostalgia fag you still bitching are all onetards this desperate for attention stfu and go suck oda's dick or something jeez anyone know if a mute thing exist in here would be appreciated if not I'll just ignore your dumbass as best I can lol
          • [ – ] Embrace-your-sorrow parent reply Oda changed his fruit from Logia to Paramecia, from what I remember. Doesn't count as nerf, given how powerful Paramecia actually are (Whitebeard, Doflamingo), but people got upset.
            • [ – ] AManNamedRJ parent reply But it wasnt a "change" it was a correction to a mistake he made in the Magazine release. As I said above, it's Not a Nerf and definitely not anything close to a "controversy".
              • [ – ] Embrace-your-sorrow parent reply I know and I agree. But people got upset, and every time someone is upset on the Internet everyone rushes to call it a controversy, so there it is.
                • [ – ] Feli1 parent reply Technically logias are naturally stronger retard he can't make his body fully of that Mochi shit at will it's kinda weird how it works and of course comparing it too something like fucking white beard won't make it have much sense since his it's design to be a paramecia not any other fruit and no matter how big or small it is it's still controversial just you onetard nostalgia fags won't admit of course so go suck on the onetard that's sucking on oda lol
                  • [ – ] Embrace-your-sorrow parent reply Haki negates the advantages Logias have, and in New World most fighters have it, and he's the top-tier fighter of Yonko, at which point it's irrelevant what kind of fruit he has, he's still going to have a huge advantage against almost everyone. I also compared him to Doflamingo, who can even be weaker than Dogtooth. We haven't seen what he can really do yet, so Oda can pull whatever he wants and make the guy stronger than any Logia. You seem to be the only participant of this "controversy". The mangaka made a mistake, nothing special really.
                    • [ – ] Feli1 parent reply I never said dogtooth was weak I know he's strong but recently even worst retarded shit has been going on in the manga ok he can see into the future why Dafuk didn't he dodge luffy's massive grab? Ohh I know BS and again while it depends one the person that has the fruit it doesn't change the fact that he will be stronger with a logis since again they are stronger you dumb fuck and you must be living under a rock cause I've seen almost everyone talking about that "mistake" or your just a onetard nostalgia fag that doesn't want too admit there is any problem like this whole damn series ever being this popular!!! so later onetards thanks for proving that you exist I'm also serious about that muting get to it vidme YouTube has it and YouTube is shiet lol
                      • [ – ] Embrace-your-sorrow parent reply Doftooth's fights are horribly written, that's true. Logias aren't stronger than any other, at best, they're intangible to non-Haki attacks, but in New World that's hardly an advantage. Whitebeard and Big Mom are Paramecias, Kaido is Zoan. Dogtooth wouldn't be stronger with a Logia, your echo chamber =! everyone, and admitting a mistake =! not admitting a mistake, this isn't how it works. What are you even trying to prove? That One Piece has bad writing? Yes, lots of it. This isn't a controversy worthy topic, isn't even a dicussion worthy one. One Piece has been going down ever since timeskip happened.
                        • AManNamedRJ parent reply Im not replying to Feli anymore. His entire argument consists of ad hominem and projected asshurt. He's not worth your damn time. "YOU'RE WRONG BECAUSE YOU'RE A NOSTALGIA FAG AND SUCK ODA'S DICK" what a fucking retard. Seems he's butt-hurt about it, and now goes around calling it a "controversy" to project his ass-hurt to us. But if we can maintain a conversation just to spam his message box huehuehuehue that'd be great.
    • ThatAnimeSnob parent reply I am not following the manga and I do not know of any controversy
  • [ – ] robokill387 reply "the anime bombed" financial failure doesn't necessarily mean something is bad. also, I don't recall anyone claiming keijo was a masterpiece, only that it was entertaining in how ridiculous it was. that's called a strawman. it's a bit rich of *you* to criticise others for having opinions of shows they've clearly never watched, since you've done it yourself. also, top tip, it's best NOT to say everything in an over the top sarcastic tone, it doesn't make you sound smart or witty, it just makes you come across as a pseudointellectual arsehole who takes cartoons made to sell merchandise to otaku way too seriously. and why do you make so many videos that you occupy half of the anime section by youself? that's honestly pathetic.
  • [ – ] bastek66 reply What was that chocolate from? I think I watched it but forgot the title.
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