YMS: Childhood Trauma (Part 4)

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  • GirlDoesRant reply I remember being traumatized by the clown episode in Are You Afraid of the Dark D:
  • Tooneldy reply I never even seen this ep. but JESUS THIS IS SKARY........I mean fuuuck
  • cooking-with-zaphod reply Hey, great going guy! Really nice video you got going on here, keep it up and I'm sure you'll really excel on this here Internet. If you just keep up the regular content, I'm sure you'll be flying high in no time!
  • Ursidae25 reply Tumble Leaf looks a bit infantile, but surprisingly beautiful set design. Ehhhhhh should I watch it?
  • FilmSchool_FallOut reply growing up I was so much of a wuss I was too afraid by the regular episodes to ever get to these ones... i mean c'mon it's a FUCKING GHOST!
  • LoganMcDonaldFilms reply I completely forgot about Gooey Gus. I remember being really invested in those episodes though.
  • Azazer reply The hell! I didn't even know this was edutainment! I have weird dream memories of this thinking it was a horror movie from my childhood.
  • iAmEnglishTV reply I so remember this episode.
  • GeahkBurchill reply The 90's era Prom song made me cringe into folds like Jerry in Rick & Morty's Season 3 opener.
  • GeahkBurchill reply Holy shit! Sam Jackson broke the ruler in half on that kid's ass!
  • Creeps_United reply True story: I was in the focus group for Ghost Writer waaaay back. My class suggested they change the name because there was a movie that would play on WPIX11 by the same name.
  • RenBlogger reply LOL Funny. Great idea to share something scary from your youth ;)
  • TheMikirog reply I was lucky enough that I wasn't raised in North America during the 90s so I missed that kind of messed up stuff. Or maybe I did, but I can't recall any scary trauma I repressed.
  • [ – ] MarkWhippy reply Wow that's gotta be Samuel Jacksons worst performance
  • StoriesFablesGhostlyTales reply This show....gave me nightmares as a kid.....messed up...so messed up. Glad to see I wasn't totally irrational!
  • [ – ] Reeedom-of-Speech reply We used to watch educational programs once a week in primary school. They'd wheel in the school TV and the teacher could sleep for half an hour while we learned to read, but they were always British made shows. But in year 5 (10/11 yrs old) Our new teacher had us watch Ghost Writer, the first American educational show we'd seen. Anyway I think we only watched the first couple of series and definitely not these episodes but god damn it brought back some of the terrifying things they made us watch! Like this fucking horror show https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vb00H6mCTM8 but one series we watched in particular was called 'Through the Dragons Eye'. Really good thought provoking show for 7/8 yr olds but the villain in it was the stuff of nightmares. Charn he was called and he was basically a man dressed as a rotten skeletal bird. I remember him MELTING at least one of the main characters that had been in the series for a long time. Guess they were trying to toughen our 'stiff upper lip'...more mentality. Great video Adum.
  • ABCDad reply Oh man. This was my brother and my favorite series of that show. We were a little older when we watched it but we were mostly watching for laughs.
  • UnauthorizedExpression reply Shit how do all you autistic ppl find each other online?
  • DecadesApartProductions reply I was unfortunate enough to never forget Gooey Gus. The worst part was I never saw Parts 1 or 2, I only ever saw Parts 3 and 4 so had no idea what the hell was going on. I knew immediately that you would bring up the part where he becomes giant and the ending. I remember when Noggin used to play Ghostwriter, I actively sought out the Gooey Gus episodes for some kind of closure. However, any time the Gooey Gus episodes were going to play something happened. One night the power went out and another time, I was getting ready to move. A few years ago, I tried tracking down the episodes again, but only parts 3 and 4 were available. Oh well. Anyway, good video!
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