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  • [ – ] The_Z_Files reply Pretty snazzy hats man, My mom is a ridiculously huge Elvis fan, weird fun fact I was born "exactly" 1 year to the day Elvis died and long ago as a joke developing a D&D mage name I created the "Zilvis" name based on Elvis,also the fact I have 2 Wildstar characters Zilvis and Zelvis lol and Sand Dollars are very cool,they are actually dried out husks of a living sea creature,kinda like when you find sea shells. :)
    • PotatoPower parent reply Hahaha, really cool how you created you name! I'd always wanted to play D&D but the only friend I have that would play it has to work all over the world and has never time for it LOL I just started listening to Elvis, King of Rock! ^-^ The Sand Dollars are so awesome, I watched dome videos about em. What a great gift!!
  • [ – ] RetroGamePlayers reply YEAH!! Vid Me rocking the package video from RGP headquarters! Once again so happy to hook up with those hats buddy! Elvis knows all about keeping it retro LOL!!
    • PotatoPower parent reply Wait, they featured this video? :O Thanks again for this, man! The hats really look awesome and they're so comfy! And Elvis is the king of retro LOL ;D
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