Trump "Changes Mind" on Syria; I Oppose Any War in Syria

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  • AaronKasparov2976 reply This was a false flag. Trump should know better. If Trump actually goes after Assad, it will go down as Trump's WMD moment and he'll be no better than G W Bush in terms of foreign policy. I don't believe Trump is this stupid tho. Hopefully this is one of his 5-D chess moves, but who knows at this point. He's surrounded by some bad hombres.
  • [ – ] Tevye123 reply This is the first video of yours that I am watching on vidme place of Youtube
  • [ – ] KnightsofKek reply Unlike Iraq, Syria has a lot of mountainous terrain (why the Israelis wouldn't try invading). Any land army would have a hell of a time holding ground, ask anyone who had fought the Taliban in the mountains. Removing Assad would be the easy bit, holding ground would be virtually impossible.
  • andrewcrow reply Hopefully this is a move to smoke out more snakes in the grass!
  • TokensWorth reply DONT DO IT TRUMP!
  • VybeyPantelonez reply Thank you so much styx!!!!!
  • [ – ] Edalwulf_Bergmann reply We should help Assad. At the very least, sell them ammo and weapons.
  • VybeyPantelonez reply @ mralkynes totally agree. Hillary literally campaigned on war in syria
  • VybeyPantelonez reply @valererh totally agree!
  • VybeyPantelonez reply @k-selected hellz yeah!!!! My man.
  • VybeyPantelonez reply @kingmetal good man.
  • Kingmetal reply Fucking McCain and his "rebels." I hope Trump doesn't fall for this false flag. This happened before. DO NOT DO IT!!!! I'm with ya Styx!!!!🤘🤘🤘🤘
  • SkogComplex reply Trump could play the same line Obama did and say' oh I was gong to but congress didn't approve it' .
  • wolfalexzemla reply no more dam wars. build that pipeline and plug into Canadian oil. and let the muzzie's fight each other. we can sell them lots of weapons.
  • SkogComplex reply ... and that shit about 'babies!, babies!' makes my blood boil. How fucking stupid do they think we are? Hearing Trump say that was a black pill. That shit is so pathetic.
  • SkogComplex reply Haley is a piece of shit neocon , redundancies noted. Trump is playing a foolish game if he thinks he needs to become neocon now.
  • unclebillscamping reply It seems foolish to expend resources in Syria given that there is a strong possibility we will be involved in a conflict with north Korea in the near future.
  • Lord_of_Fire reply Attacking Assad is exactly what ISISI wants. You don't solve anything by overthrowing a dictator if the entire region surrounding Syria is unstable as fuck and a magnet for terrorist groups like ISIS. We've seen it happen in Iraq:when Saddam got ousted, and it will happen to Syria, too. And when ISIS gains total control over the region, then what'll we do? If Trump goes to war, he's fucked. Dubya got slammed over his War of Terror, and I'm sure Trump would be criticized even harder for it. And worst of all, it would give the Democrats the leverage they need to regain power, and everyone would be far worse off if that were to happen.
  • MoonBase2036 reply Clinton would already be there, let's be honest. Let's just hope Trump doesn't make the same mistake. I wont regret my vote given the choice, but I'll definitely criticize this.
  • Basileus_Sarkly reply I will support any primary challenge against his incumbency in 2020 if he takes us to war. Fuck him if he's foolish enough to fall for this. Yet, I truly believe he's an intelligent man who will see through this obvious false flag (which at the very least was not clearly Assad's doing); we probably won't end up in a war in Syria with him at the helm.
  • valereth reply Oh Lord. I like a lot of what Trump has done but Jesus. Let's leave Syria alone
  • ElCidDos reply There won't be a land war. There will be a bombing run on the airport where the aircraft launched to drop the chemical weapons. They have to make the world see that there WILL be a consequence if you cross the line of using chemical weapons. Obama should have done this in 2013 but he didnt
  • The-Patriot reply The only thing I disagree on with this guy is nuclear power.
  • Austin316 reply likely him just playing politics but i'm weary nonetheless.
  • LeChat777 reply Trump revealed his Aquilles heel when he said today that Assad crossed "many lines" in the press conference. The parade of carnage will not stop until Trump agrees to an invasion.
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