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  • Partially_Evil reply Who would even rape her? Even Muslims aren't THAT fucking horny. Remember gents: NEVER stick your dick in crazy. EVER. No, not even then.
  • ArbiterAbaddon reply This land whales is ridiculous. She's a fucking idiot.
  • BlunderingFool reply Prostitutes didn't nor do fuck around in public, so she's wrong on that one. =P Also, kissing is not fucking. Don't know where she got the sexual harassment bit though. Maybe she thought "(If I = uncomfortable + subject = sexual) then I = sexually harassed"?
  • GuyverOne reply If anyone is stalking anyone its San Francisco who is stalking the couple at the counter, Never seen anyone act so badly in public before.
  • Jameo reply Wow what an absolute piece of shit. Sad sad sad landwhale.
  • Cellblock776 reply Some of the blame for this belongs on the store employee who could have stepped in at any time and told the woman that she is not allowed to create a disturbance in his shop and that she should stop assaulting his other customers and leave. The counter clerk is the store representative and has final say regarding who is allowed to come in and what happens in his shop. The manager should be notified, of course, but the employee on scene should be able to handle it before calling the manager.
  • PaganMinotaur reply Land whale also does porn.
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