The Lego Movie, Game!?!

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  • [ – ] Y2JayDoesAsia reply I found frontloading the first 15 seconds of a video to be as exciting as possibly helped a little bit with analytics. People were watching like 25% of my vids so I started frontloading vids with exciting music, quick editing, and something visually interesting. It helped, people started to watch 40-50% of the vids and it most of my audience make it about half way through before they drop out. Its also why I endeavour to make vids as short as possible. I'll do a 2 minute vid if I can but often getting it that short is too hard. This is also why I split a lot of my vids into multiple parts. To me... it's just pointless editing like... a 15 minute vid... if the analytics tell me that nobody is watching the last 75% of the vid.
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