Study Finds 1/3 Young Muslims in France Think Terrorism is Acceptable

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  • YamiryuuZero reply I don't know why people in the left believe it's ok to ostracize people who point out terrorists are related to Islam, by labeling them Islamophobics, when their religion is clearly "rest-of-the-world-ophobic" and make a point in making it clear for all to see!
  • ClimatePonziLie reply Canada had Bill M-103 passed Islamophobia because a Muslim member of parliament said it was a problem. They want to stop free speech and this proves that they will lie to push for Sharia Law, They already have Sharia courts in England, and they want them in Canada. This migrant crisis was planned it was to result in the Military of the EU coming to save the day. Since it is Merkel of Germany that controls the EU is actually the re-establishment of Germany rule. The NAZI dream of taking over all of Europe did end. The FOURTH REICH is what the people of Europe are seeing. Hitler tried to take over all of Europe, he used violence and vandalism to control people and stop free speech. This is why ANTIFA exist they are the Brown shirts. There trying to use the Migrant crisis and the resulting violence to silence your freedom and the EU has passed bills to stop free speech. The parliament of the EU is TAXING the countries of the EU into submission. Greece is now a broke prison island system ...moreuse to distribute migrants. Europe didn't have these problem 20 years ago before they joined the EU that was only to help trade. Now it want's to control every aspect of Europe for immigration to enacting anti free speech laws, etc. Hopefully the people vote to escape the dictatorship of the Parliament of the EU. Get out of the EU while you still can look how they want to hold England hostage with demands of 60 Billion dollars. Dictatorship written all over it. The EU wants to go after Russia also, if you don't get out be prepared to die in the soon to follow war as the EU tries to take Russia. Hitler is reborn in the EU.
  • ResistanceChicks777 reply Rest of the world ophobic, I might incorporate that saying.
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