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  • [ – ] Prepperymike reply They should just rename it social justice tube
  • GreyMovies reply YouTube has already slit its own throat. Now that the damage is done, it's just decapitating itself. I was hoping they'd come back, but I think they're far past the point of no return. How disappointing...
  • [ – ] Raptor_Actual reply Made the jump to today. Also switched from Twitter to Gab, and Facebook to Even switched from Chrome to Firefox. I'm done with the lot of them.
  • [ – ] GSP-4ME reply Free speech is non negotiable - warts and all
  • [ – ] CaptainFrugal reply This YouTube change as well as others has pushed me to Vidme even more. This is clearly a way to silence people. I have been told that subs have not been getting notifications and now I am certain of it.
  • [ – ] BigMike777 reply Youtube must believe they're too big to fail, but goodness are they stress testing this belief to illogical extremes.
    • [ – ] Kizzume parent reply They certainly do think they're too big to fail, but with the backing of Google, they can morph into something else and not hurt too badly. Unfortunately.
      • AntiThat parent reply Congratulations. You're the first channel owner on vidme that I've seen replying to a commenter. Although many others are calling for a pitchfork rebellion, they don't seem to be willing to condescend to actually mingle with us peasants.
    • paulyroc parent reply I'm not sure why there isn't a class action lawsuit at this time. YouTube and google are still getting all the ad revenue and have a new (illegal) excuse not to share it
  • [ – ] Basilisker reply I like the VidMe community!
  • Makoto_Chan reply It means that they are going to stop any kind of thoughtful videos.
  • Ms_K reply F*CK YOUTUBE!
  • [ – ] CrispyToast reply The CEO of YouTube Susan Wojcicki implementing such a thing and is already turning into a safe space. I know this because Wojcicki is mainly a SJW herself, and she's strangling the fuck out of it. So I think it's time that we should leave YouTube and just stick with Vid.Me for a long time.
    • AndyMoreton007 parent reply I agree a mass exodus would show what we thought if their silence anyone with an opinion that doesn't fit the narrative of the MSM or your countries agenda or the global agenda. See how much there advertising revenue drops and I do think it will be significant. But there is still a lot of good stuff I need to get through on there so I'd suggest posting all new to here, maintain your YouTube so you can signpost your subs here and your back catalogue still available as we're all at different stages in our journeys to become aware/awake but start uploaded all your previous videos here now in preparation then at some point none of us need use it. I just hope vidme isn't a subsidiary of Google Facebook or whoever as most companies in the world are party of 6 or 7 conglomerates that have 30,40,50 or more levels to them in terms of parent companies who own 10 businesses each are all part of a company that owns 10 parent companies and is itself then one of 10 withing a grandparent or great gra...morendparent if you view it as a family tree!
    • Kizzume parent reply If it really does get as bad as it seems it's going to, I'll still post my "safe" videos on YouTube, but everything else will be here and on BitChute.
  • [ – ] Blumiere reply I've been looking into starting on political videos. It's getting really difficult to see YouTube as a realistic option. Especially with this recent nonsense. On a related note, it really looks like Vidme is completely there in terms of software and monetization now.
  • ccpvpgodz reply Everyone is going to hate YouTube
  • [ – ] Boobe2007 reply "IT'S HAPPENING"
  • MaximVB reply Vidme is where IT IS AT! 👌😊
  • TeamTaitoNahtanoj reply YouTube and Google will fall & and BitChute will rise...
  • MrFixIt reply Let them do it, let them dig their own graves!
  • [ – ] three37even reply Good thing I ported over. Now I just need to figure out how to make vidme play on my big tv.
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