Let's Play SOMA. #28: "Hello Mister Roboto!"

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  • [ – ] SilentGamer reply Awww look at you with the goatee <3 hehehe. Well of course I enjoyed the episode, and yes let's try the puzzle next time we need to relax now :D
    • [ – ] MysticSword parent reply So, ya like my goatee look, do ya? Hehehe. Well, I might try it for a while. Glad ya enjoyed this episode. (Psst! Don't forget to give it an up-vote). =D Hey, I checked out a couple vids on your channel, but it appears all the ones with commentary is spoken in Italian? You have a great sounding voice and I was wondering are you also planning to make some vids with English commentary as well? Thanks again for your interest & support. Cheers!
      • [ – ] SilentGamer parent reply Of course I upvoted :) You deserve it and yea I like your look :) Yes I am planning to do something in English but my accent and my English are not good :( I am working on something new too so I will et you know , sorry about that. Thank you so much of course for your support :) I am glad we met each other :)
        • [ – ] MysticSword parent reply Thank you again my friend. :) I'm glad to know you are planning to do some vids with commentary in English. In that case I will Follow you channel (I would have earlier, but, seeing as I don't know Italian, I wouldn't be able to understand what was being said and I figured perhaps your vids / channel was for an Italian speaking audience). Hey, don't worry about an accent, I like hearing different accents and I think a large majority of people will find accents interesting too. So please, go for it, as I think that can be a part of your appeal to an English audience. Best wishes!
          • [ – ] SilentGamer parent reply Well for now on my video I am following the story and it is easier for me to tell it in Italian, like a narrator :) But I will try to do something in English because I would like to :) Maybe I can start with the giveaway video as soon as possible :)
        • [ – ] SilentGamer parent reply P.S. you were right it wasn't upvoted ehich weird because it was the first thing I did after I opened your video... Mhm.... :)
          • [ – ] MysticSword parent reply Ahh, I guess just some strange glitches with Vidme in that case. I much appreciate your kind support & friendship.
            • SilentGamer parent reply friendship are really important to me especially with guys I can share my passion for videogames :) And you are one of them :D Plus Vidme looks a very nice community and I already have a few friends here :)
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