What Will I Do With Money You Donate/Tip To Me?

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  • [ – ] Reasanka reply i know some people can get twitchy about how others spend donations but i'm fine with mine being spent however you want even if it's for something trivial or non related to the channel, i mostly just donate to people to show my thanks for their content so feel free to spend mine however you want XD if you do ever get a ps4 though it would be cool to play some games with you XD
    • SeaTactics parent reply I am still planning on purchasing a PS4 just to play with people whoa re subbed to me. No one who is following has an Xbox One, so ... yep
  • spookyboo reply If I tipped someone it would because I appreciate what they do and that I could afford it. What that person does with the money is their business because it is a tip. A subscription would be different because that means I am subscribing to a service and would want that service, however, what you do with the money itself is still YOUR business because you are providing a service.
  • LoreReloaded reply For the record, you are to use my money on porn or porn related products, since apparently I get to decide what you do and don't get to use my money with (even though me giving it to you automatically makes it your money) - if you use it for anything else.. I will make a hateful video.. please do an unboxing of porn or porn product once purchased
  • FireRam reply @SeaTactics i know myself being a fellow Vidizen that any money raised thought Tips, Donations or Subscriptions will be put back into equipment ect ect for the channel, upgrading the PC, Webcam, Mic, Soundproofing, Capture Card, GFX Cards for the PC ect ect stuff to make better quality videos and improve the channel as a whole.
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