Q&A Suicidal millennial, graduated, unemployed, alone, live with parents but want to work in IT

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  • crua9 reply I'm posting this here because I might take it down on my main channel. To be blunt, people who hire me go to my main YouTube channel. I think I'm seriously risking future jobs by giving away some things on what happened. Where I put in 10,000 jobs before I gave up, where I was on the edge of breaking, and how bad things are. For those who are wondering, one way I got out of this is by making my own jobs. I couldn't get a job, so I went out to make my own. NOTE I dealt with a lot of failure, but eventually some of it started to pay off. But I'm not fooling myself. I know things can get back to the way they were in a split second. I know we are in a bubble.
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