Notre Dame Attack, NSA Leaker Arrested, Russiagate

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  • ClimatePonziLie reply This will help prove that the others aren't reducing their carbon use. Adani Group announces Queensland towns to service $16.5 billion mine project Why Australia axed their carbon tax on YouTube watch?v=sLjV04-V5WQ France quits it's own policiy on Carbon taxes are "a fraud and a scam" on Germany To Abandon $1.1 Trillion Wind Power Program By 2019 trillion-wind-power-program-by-2019/ o produce one ton of Cement you need to use almost 1 ton of coal. Concrete is Carbon intensive. China used more concrete in 3 yrs than the USA did in 100....
  • ClimatePonziLie reply Reality Winner, is she going to prison for a taste of Reality. Coming soon movie of the week, what ever happened to "Reality Winner". Sorry I watch Megan Kelly while Trump was still trying to get elected and I think Megan Kelly is another nut job. Lemon is a total fraud and doesn't have any credibility at all. Anderson Cooper is fake news. In Canada the evil spirit that posed Obama has now entered Trudeau and is working double time to turn Canada into an Islamic nightmare, and send every bit of industry to CHINA. I would say pray for Canada, but we need a full fledged exorcism. Half of the Canadian Cabinet are Muslim, or appointees that ran the Trudeau Foundation. Money to fund the Liberal agenda is pouring in from Hillary supporters from the USA. The CBC is full of Muslim that have most Canadians brainwashed to accept Muslim propaganda, CTV, Global has 90% of the Canadians Brainwashed. Muslims can get a gun license and don't need a picture, that's a nice Burka say cheese. Alberta has ...morethe NDP and they love Carbon TAXES, that go up automatically every year by 10 Dollar a ton of carbon for the foreseeable future. The Minister of resource industry wants to shut down Coal, OIL, Gas, Gas pipe lines, Mining. The Minister of Education wants to promote LGBT agenda, teaching the children to embrace communism. Trudeau and Obama are having a Bromance with George Soros. Canada is almost past the point where one can say pray for Canada. We need a full fledged exorcism. Trudeau has even made reference to increasing our military ties with the EU. Trump was Right to remove the USA from the Paris fraud. This is the new Coal mine to open in Austria. Approved 2 days ago. Adani give official approval to open giant Carmichael coal mine
  • ResistanceChicks777 reply i'll look at the links as soon as I have time. Thanks.
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