i caught her CHEATING AGAIN!

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  • [ – ] Branbert reply My body tells me I'm dying for the opposite reason lol I need to start eating healthier. Thanks for the motivation.
  • [ – ] DookisWatching reply When I was in boxing, I went full vegan on my weight cut. Was always told by the nutritionist to have one cheat MEAL and not one cheat DAY. As kind of a reward for keeping it real with the diet. Don't recommend going full vegan as i lost a shit ton of muscle mass. But was super lean. Sushi....ultimate cheat meal for me. That or a fat ass steak!
  • [ – ] LegendGary323 reply Lmao "just testing the wings!" I am stealing that excuse lol. I am not really on a diet but i have changed what i eat and how much i eat. Yesterday i had a "Cheat Day" though i had a nice juicy burger!
  • [ – ] BrianAiya reply i watched the Lego movie and I really enjoyed it, so the Batman Lego looks like a fun watch. I never thought that Cheat day helps lose weight faster. Makes me feel less guilty now :) thanks for the new info
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