Public Lies, Private Truths: Why Communism FELL & Trump WON

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  • abetterwest reply Nice! Helped me get to bed on a better note than thinking about how the judicial system of San Fransicso let an illegal alien (who I see now as a foreign combatant) go free, and how they endorsed the murder of a white woman. It's safe to assume the jury did this as activism against Trump, white America and western civilization in general.
  • [ – ] mrkevin42 reply Rip :-(
  • Liberty_Surveillance reply I submit the "polls" of 201`6 were completely fabricated and/or were fixed by asking the 'right' people.
  • Muddywaters reply I wish things like what happened to those 1,400 girls were being stopped but from what I hear it is business as usual for those gangs. This is a push to remove a people, the question then is why? I suspect it is because that people is the only one that has routinely stopped the progress of psychopaths.
  • SKIROW reply I am a deplorable and very proud of it.
  • ghettomanissue reply Interesting perspective.
  • the_epilepsy_guy reply Very informative :)
  • mikem984 reply Americas lies are better and than North Koreas lies.
  • Pretty_Nana reply Oh hi guys come on my channle follow and shar
  • vikingwoman1988 reply Singing the praises of Hillary Clinton at an NRA get together...will have you thrown out or ridiculed, but not subject to an acid attack, a beat-down, or having your life ended. Human meat tastes terrible.
  • [ – ] Victor1026 reply Vidme is closing
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