Black Panther: A Hero the ALT RIGHT Deserves?

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  • MFKraven reply I've always been a big fan of the Black Panther and am confused as to why being a Nationalist is bad. I love my country.
  • IslandRiders_Garage reply Wakanda and Black Panther has to be this way to preserve their culture and not be infected by the shitty world around them. Unfortunately when your neighbor is thriving and doesn't offer any help, They are often labeled something negative.
  • [ – ] IslandRiders_Garage reply Did you just turn the Black Panther (character and movie ) into a political topic? I hope this breakdown helps the movie thrive and not cause any separation between the fans/viewers. Marvel and DC fans are already critical and I would hate for this to put more wood into their fires.
    • vanners parent reply A lot of your characterisation of Black Panther isn't particularly far right. Nationalism, for example, is independent of political polarity. Yes, globalism is purely found on the left, but not everyone who identifies as liberal wants globalism which seems to be more of a hard left dogma. Conversely, the lack of charity shown towards others is not exclusively on the right, it may me a far right trait, but people on the left also avoid personally giving to charity - they tend to give out of conservative wallets, not their own.
  • wolfalexzemla reply I'm sure marvel comics is working on the sjw super hero comic story
  • XGuyy reply Huh, never knew thats how black panther is. Interesting
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