My Theory And Solutions On Global Warming

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  • ClimatePonziLie reply work is force X distance the car is still travelling down the road so there will be no savings in the distance and the weight of the car hasn't changed, The only thing is that there is more resistance increased gas is needed on a gravel road and it is harder on the tires, so they will wear much faster. Hover cars once again it is will require more energy to lift a vehicle. You can push a 4000Lb car but when was the last time you lifted it off the ground. When your pushing it you only have to over come friction. Then try pushing the same car through the gravel or snow bank.
  • NoBS4U reply One volcano explosion will expel more toxic materials, poisons and radiation than any Nation today in the same time frame, minus heavy weapons usage. Coal burning scrubbers today produce less pollutants in 20 year life cycle than ANY single "major" Forrest fire within that 20 damned year time frame The thing is, forest fires are organic and help invigorate the ecology.
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