I'm Tired of Reboots and Cinematic Universes

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  • [ – ] CringeGames reply The flow of reboots from Hollywood are just terrible. I want some new and cool movies, not safe and crappy reboots.
    • FrameByFrame parent reply Honestly, I think the films that should be "rebooted" are maybe the really cool ideas that had a crappy first run. If they had a cool idea, maybe someone can take that material and enhance it or make it even better for a modern audience! Why take something already great and try to capitalize further on it with ANOTHER RETREAD of the same thing?
  • DanielHuntington reply I'm skipping this movie. I agree. The whole reboot/remake thing is really overdone right now.
  • [ – ] TheCynicalCypher reply Well hey, if you want a movie to check out this weekend, It Comes at Night was phenomenal. Nonetheless, I've been done with these remakes, reboots, or what have you. It's all because, as you mentioned, they're not anything new, anything fresh, anything creative. It's so clearly an attempt to prey on people's nostalgia that it makes me sad.
    • [ – ] FrameByFrame parent reply I thought about it! Not much of a horror fan, but I love A24 so much as a studio and love supporting more "independent" flicks. So I might just check that out with my friend this weekend!
  • Ms_K reply totally understandable.The Mummy does look intriguing.i'll wait for the bluray to drop tho
  • [ – ] RetroSegaWondershow reply So is this a reboot of the old original Mummy, or the newer Brendan Frasier Mummy?The Brendan Frasier Indiana-Jones-esque Mummy was really funny and fun.
  • chameleon reply Am still waiting for the reboot off Highlander can't wait till they do that one
  • St_Clinton reply I've gotten to the point where I am simply going to starting to skip the reboots and remakes.
  • Fighting_Zenith reply Would it not have killed Universal to re-release all their old horror classics?
  • JadeJicama reply Caught a trailer for this mummy movie at... Guardians 2, I think? And about halfway through the trailer, I leaned over to my roommate and asked, "They do know what a mummy is, right?' as I was watching the mummy summon all the plagues of Egypt... for... some reason? As far as cinematic universes, I've stopped going to every Marvel movie, I think I mostly gave up when Ant Man came out, I caught Guardians 1 because it actually looked interesting, and 2 because I wanted to see what the fuck Kurt Russell had to do with it. But, until I hear something about a Squirrel Girl movie, I'd say I'm out.
  • [ – ] dizzyspeakshismind reply You know, no one is making you see these movies. If you don't like the trailer, watch something else. Weird, the power of free will.
    • FrameByFrame parent reply I agree. But at the same time...it just seems like the same thing: reboot after reboot after reboot, and if that cycle continues, where is the originality?
  • POVincent reply I just reviewed The Mummy and I don't think it's a 20%, but it's not what they needed to kick off this new universe. In many ways it's trying to be the 1999 Mummy and fails. The lack of creativity is what hurts it the most.
  • AxxL_Afriku reply I'm tired of my face. It's ugly.
  • John-Goras reply To Hell with Reboots. They're Rip off deja vu. All over again. But....Up with Robots! As in Robots Mutants. The critics agree, it's animation!!!!!!!!!!! https://vid.me/fl3x
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