Introduction to Vid.Me. Let me know what you want to see on this channel!

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  • [ – ] KennKong reply It will save you time when you really need it to use this as a backup channel. I locally archive all the content I produce (or to be accurate, I only upload that which I have already created locally) but if my channel got whacked for some reason, it would take days to re-upload all of it. However, I don't really care, as most of my videos are playthroughs to help friends developing levels on Little Big Planet or Portal 2. Occasionally, I post a solution video that I would want to re-upload, but that's pretty rare. All of my response videos are private, since I'm unemployed and I don't want prospective employers to be put off by that. If you really want a separation of concerns here, I'd suggest you put videos of original content advancing your agenda both places, and responses to Youtube on Youtube only.
    • Bitchspot parent reply I do have everything archived, of course. My transfer speeds are so fast that it's really only YouTube's processing speed that would slow things down. Although I have only uploaded one thing here so far, I was pretty impressed at how fast it actually went, so good on you Vid.Me! I'm actually looking at doing some exclusive, more in-depth content here, I already have at least one series that I'm dedicating to Vid.Me and we'll see what else I can come up with.
  • [ – ] Jimthethird reply Glad to have you here man.
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