12,000 Year Old Massive Underground Tunnels are Real and Stretch from Scotland to Turkey

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  • Star_Wars6collector reply and when it comes to the Polar Shift timing the great floods seem to happen more often, before I thought it was 12,000 year timing but once I did the math I found it is the right calculation, Now if it was the last part of the cycle for Joshua 3,600 years ago then you take 18,000 minus 3,600 and you have an ice age for 14,400 and not 12,000 years, but the cycle will prove and show it could have been 10,800 years to 14,400 years when the ice ages melting happens, then the last two stages of 7,200(3,600 3,600) it starts to melt and in the last 3,600 the magnetic poles start the change in the last 72 years in cycles of 36(36) years so 6 sets of 12 year duration flood cycles and the last 12 years it shows the flooding increasing more and more every 3 or 4 years in the 12 remaining years, so that is the timing I did a video on it but the footage was not so clear, so you can use any footage I have on this subject and the pyramids, it is very interesting indeed,
  • Star_Wars6collector reply You know that the pyramids used frequency technology to stimulate the planets core, so we now know how to make New Earth Planets from any planet that rotates because the core will still be molten enough, so when the plasma current streams to the pyramids the moisture from the stones raises to the surface, that is why you find many pyramids still under the oceans today, So if they built pyramids on Mars using the energy atomic magnetic ring system we could speed up the planets rotation and the same chain reaction that we had on Earth would happen on Mars, Sound frequency is what causes rotational speed, so they pulsed this energy to the planets core and the plasma current draws the water to the surface making for a stronger atmosphere, it is very interesting, as well as how each stone was molded precisely by method of induction heating, I made a video on it and feel free to use my info for your video's if you make any on this subject because it is the discovery of all ages to know how...more to make New Earth Planets,
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