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  • [ – ] Shanvid reply Hey Pete!!!! Finally found you on Vidme!!!! YASSSSSSSS.
  • [ – ] Nicodemous52 reply I've been loving your content. I've been bingeing on it since I discovered it today. Though, I warn you against fooling yourself. You are not free of bias, no man is free of bias. Those who honestly think themselves free of it, are typically from my experience the most enslaved to it. That however is not to say that objectivity is not a noble goal. It is the most noble of goals, just know that it is a unicorn when it comes to maters that require interpretation and inference.
    • CreepyLittleBook parent reply Thank you, perhaps it would be apter if I said I strive to be free of bias, particularly in the prime format of videos I make. My live streams are a bit more opinionated but I my goal is always objectivity
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