Rainbow Dash Presents: The Star in Yellow

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  • Fensfield reply Thanks for bringing me to this site! o.o Buut.. just to say, from -7:57 to -7:26, the audio starts over in addition to the audio of the moment - so you get Dash's opening narration on top of the proper dialogue for thirty seconds.
  • Dark_Eyes reply Love this.
  • Sharpwing reply This is great. You guys joined Vidme too? Much love man. Welcome to the platform myan.
  • 4PianoOrchestra reply There's a little audio error, but good job!
  • whatwhy reply why do these dudes voice female characters
  • [ – ] whatwhy reply why do all these dudes voice female horses
    • [ – ] 5thWall parent reply Once upon a time, in the magical land of YouTube a group of bronies got together to make an abridged series. Unfortunately the group had some creative differences and so they decided to split their resources and go their separate ways. The first group took all the audio quality, songs, and voice actors. As well as a bunch of dumb jokes that landed on occasion. They went on to become Friendship is Witchcraft. The second group took all the comedic timing, interesting character concepts, funny jokes, and good writing. Also, this group was just one guy. He became the Mentally Advanced Series. Since MAS was just one guy, he had to do all the voice acting himself, so for the early episodes all the ponies had male voices. As the series grew in popularity, MAS was able to attract some female voice actors who did the voices for the male characters (except Spike and Big Mac since they appeared early in the series). The limitation became a rule of the universe, they've even occasionally lamps...morehaded it by commenting that Big Mac has a really girly voice.
    • Fensfield parent reply If you watch more of these you'll find that basically all of the male characters are voiced by girls, soo...
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