Sultan Tayyip I Now Commands The Former Turkish Republic, Referendum Succeeds

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  • Perseus_Gold reply I hope they get ripped out of NATO so the West can go to war with Turkey. They have made fast enemies of North America and Europe. It's time to take back Anatolia. If we need to have infinite war let's at least wage it against the right people.
  • AladinSane reply Great videos on the state of that crazy dude, who has this frighteningly increasing unstable affect. What scares me? Does he still have a stupid number of U.S.A. thermonuclear weapons inside his country?
  • OpulentMiracle reply Increasing the power of the executive is a short-term strategy pursued by mental incompetents. Look at the Democrats. They were happy to do it under Obama, but will feel the pain under Trump. The Erdogan faction will do the same, but what will happen if they get outflanked by another movement? Or when he dies? Then that group will inherit an overly powerful executive office and they'll regret it. Simply, it's best to play politics under a fair set of rules and accept the outcome.
  • Cmygo reply Turks should leave Turkey? Why not stay and (if necessary) fight for your homeland and more importantly your people?! Weird sentiment
  • CamillaSweden reply This is TERRIBLE!! I hope that Turkey NEVER get a membership in EU(I am no supporter of EU) If Erdogan tries to blackmail his way in to EU membership... We cannot have a dictator in EU(Sweden is no better, tries to stop people from writing what they want and our situation is not that good now) EU have to help Greece.. and a EU member, we have to help the Greece people..Cause they are in deep shit (same as we but our politicians the last 17 years at least have made the Swedish people to take rediculos HIGH loans on their house and appartements instead) and now with the refugee situation the are taking loans from the world banks all while old and sick people starve. The lowest pension is WAY below EU standard.. I think we should go "The Trump way" and build a WALL to the countries that are closet to Turkey.. And the help Greece with sea-bordercontrol. I wonder if I as a Swede can seek for political asylum in the US soon? Here where I live, I cannot even walk the dog after dark without...more risking to meet groups of med that harass me.. Our community is not helping, the police? Ha ha ha..Is there any Swedish police left? It's not often I see them anymore, what I do see is that MANY of the refugees that we have taken in are driving fancy brand new cars and have the latest phones and the most popular clothes, except for fridays, when they are dressed in white dresses.. THIS is not fun at all.. My own country has abandoned me(and many others that have worked themselves injured or are sick, we had to rely on family(If we have any) or close friends. I was born into a system(HIGH taxes that IF I ever needed it I would have a safetynet, we didn't have any insurances for sickness or injuries here then, BUT when I needed it for the first time, applied for it, NO, rejected, I did try to appeal, not a chance..), worked from age 15 to about 40 when I was injured badly, I worked with horses..wanted too much for what I was built for. AND when I later, after numerous doctors and lots of rehab to try to get better I was just thrown out if the system. Had to beg my small family of 3 persons, grandmother 84 years old, my brother and my uncle) and a few friends that helped me survive. THAT did not make me healthier.. just worse.. I was basically on my own(not just me, all people in the same situation) We are just ordinary people that was caught up in a political change. I lost just about all I had..My home at the farm, my best friends(my old horses that grandma hade to take a loan to help me put down, they were perfectly healthy, but old 30 years and it is impossible to find a home for that kind of old horse.) This was in 2011 I have got no help at all those 5 1/2 years that followed... Now I have forced my way back again inti the system, I found a doctor that was really good and knew how to write the right papers. I can function but I have to have a special suited job and t's really hard to find work now in Sweden, even harder when you are a bit broken.. :/ My country failed me..even though I have been working and payed the the high taxes so that IF I had some injury that could not heal,I would at leat don't starve and have a roof over my head.. When it was "showtime" Sweden was changed... If there was not for family and a few friends I would have starved to death in 2011.. If I had known this from the start, I would not have payed one single thing in taxes.. All the best //Camilla
  • Eureka_seven reply I don't know what the rules on this website but here's a guy talking about ww3 updates on YouTube and I like his content I don't know if you approve of this Styx but in the past you didn't care if people post other people's videos on your comment section so I'm not sure what you would like but here's the link
  • StolenMoment reply Greater Germany had the highest standard of living in the world 1939.
  • SkogComplex reply Don't tell the Turks to leave Turkey! Let them stay there. They asked for this, and look at what criminal scum they are in Europe. I'm sure Angela 'White genocide' Merkel will use this as an excuse to accept more Turks into Germany, where they've been such lovely, and thankful guests.
  • Lycandemigods221 reply We should build a wall on Turkey's border and stop the boats.
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