Response to The Patriot Nurse regarding Charlottesville

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  • chairview reply I covered this too... this video bugs me so badly! lol
  • Boobe2007 reply watch out she sounds like one of them nurses that kill their patients
  • albanothemadman reply JESUS CHRIST!!! Yeh, I'm no fan of what's going on in the extreme left and righ, but god damn...only a total sociopath would say shit like that. What if it was her or someone she me off this planet.
  • [ – ] TheAverageAirsofter reply Emotionally weak people like her are the ones adding fuel to the fire. There will always be some fire burning, yet there's a certain threshold that when breached it gets out of control. Her rhetoric is not helping this situation.
    • TheAverageAirsofter parent reply To answer her question, "why do you care about these people?" My answer: because they're people. People with little to no honor, but people nonetheless. This answer applies to both sides, including her.
  • Ambientac reply It's the leprechauns!
  • [ – ] GeorgeMcGee reply First, God bless you, I know they lied to you and you don’t know the truth yet about the Second War of Secession, a war fought between 2 sovereign nations CSA VS. USA over taxation without representation. Slavery was not mentioned as a cause for war until the end of the conflict when it was used as propaganda to whip up the abolitionists lest they decry the civilian war crimes Lincoln committed. Tractors from Northern factories were in beta testing and the Yankees knew slavery was about to end due to cost effectiveness issues. Stop paying taxes, we invade. Nobody was willing to die to keep slavery. The North refused to negotiate throughout the war despite Southern efforts to do so. The Confederacy would have gladly given up all slaves to stop the burning of cities and the massive amounts of rapes and killings. You just never heard the truth before. The North imprisoned Jews including the Jewish partner of Grant’s father. Second, Patriot Nurse travels around the country (always WIT...moreH her pistol) and teaches beginning to advanced emergency medical procedures to many thousands of students. Her knowledge shared has saved countless lives already. I’m a huge fan from years ago! Just as she has her right to her opinion and you have your right to rebut that in this video, I cherish and WOULD actually die to defend yours and hers rights to speak freely. I think she (and myself) is of the opinion that if antifa and BLM had their way, there would be no free speech for you or me. Were I differ from her is that I do have sympathy for the people killed or hurt. The way to win a political war is with words and votes, not violence. It is a shame that there are those who would chant anti-gay hurtful words. May Jesus forgive them. God loves all His children, and there is no 11th commandment “thou shalt not be gay” so I’m sure He loves you too. Raise yourself up above the level of a man who calls a woman “cunt” for her opinion. It’s beneath the big man that I know you are.
    • Kizzume parent reply One more thing: I gave ONE insult in that entire video (with the exception of her lips, but that wasn't quite an insult in the regular sense--her lips quite literally have the same shape as my late grandmother's lips and it's honestly just a little bit triggering, my grandmother destroyed two generations with her mental abuse, both my brother and I are on disability income for mental issues because of her), and it was at the very end. Considering how long the video was, I made a lot of points in my video, so one insult at the end is a pretty good ratio, wouldn't you say? There are many worse things I could have said throughout that video, like the way many others have tackled her video. But yes, it was a low blow, and I left it for the very end.
    • [ – ] Kizzume parent reply Taxes are a necessary evil. Yes, things are different now than they were back then, but we never would have come as far as we have without taxes, government programs, socialized roads, socialized education, safety standards, work standards, and a number of other things. We most likely would not have survived going the route that the confederates wanted.
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