Top 5 Worst Dates

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  • SARGZer0 reply I Wish I Had A Date...For Once
  • JannaJonna reply Few years ago I met a guy on Tinder. We texted each other for few weeks and everything was great. Decided to meet up which led to one of the most horrible dates ever. He had this vaping thing and the whole date he was trying to get me trying vaping. I find smoking disgusting and vaping thing makes you just look like moron. I told him everytime "No, I don't want to" but he just couldn't believe it. He almost put that thing in my mouth and I was so outraged that I nearly lost my temper. Didn't have a second date and he couldn't figure out what went wrong.
  • Darkfirefox465 reply I think some of those dates were not really dates
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