HOW'D BONNIE KILL ME!! I WAS CROUCHED!! | The Joy Of Creation Reborn Story Mode (FULL GAME) #1

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  • [ – ] Vorchitect reply This is pretty nice! I can tell you watch CxK like me (I could tell by your editing style-and the clip with CxK in it, of course lol.) There are a few things I'd critique, though: Definitely commentate a bit louder and more often. Also, during the cutscenes, keep your facecam in the video. The video is half the game and half your reaction to it, ya know? Also, try to get a lot more done in one episode. It should never take you more than two episodes to complete a level. Either you complete one level per erpisode, or you finish one level and start the next in each episode. Hope this helps! Have a good day!
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