Why Not Vidme?

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  • SirAdamantine reply Way to lead the way. Fuck Youtube!
  • IrateBear reply YOU FUCKER LOL
  • [ – ] Vipersword100 reply Fair enough.
  • [ – ] IrateBear reply Honestly, I too am considering uploading a "video ad" to youtube to move my sub base over to vidme. The problem is, is I dont trust vidme yet to not throttle my content so we will see
    • [ – ] manicidiot parent reply Which is why I am also moving to other video platforms here in the near future. I do not suggest that people use just a SINGLE site. This is too volatile a market to put all your eggs in one basket. I'm just trying to help people break their habit of using YouTube. Sometimes habit overtakes thinking. Do what you think is the best thing for you.
      • [ – ] IrateBear parent reply what other sites? Vimeo? DailyMotion?
        • [ – ] manicidiot parent reply Maybe DailyMotion, but vimeo requires payment for unlimited upload, so not that site unfortunately. I will use my up space in no time. I'm also going to start uploading to minds regularly and do some research on some other sites.
    • CreatorsThinkingCritically parent reply IrateBear are you and bearing the same person or just similar sounding names? Anyway, regarding political creators, the question for Vidme is what incentive do they have to take on the risk of what's been proven to be financially toxic elsewhere... considering headlines like "YouTube loses millions as advertising row reaches US: Major brands including Verizon and Walmart pulled their ads after they were found to be appearing next to videos promoting extremist views or hate speech?" Political creators being in fans to Vidme but will it result in the site making money? Probably not if those creators keep using Patreon instead of Vidme's subscription option. It must not be too financially profitable for Vidme to welcome political creators since they removed political vids from their trending page. Or they may be unwelcoming to content they disagree with regardless of whether or not it profits. I don't know their views but considering they have a diverse staff and they're a bunch of youn...moreg 20-somethings in the arts hub of Los Angeles I am guessing they'd be liberal or libertarianish more than conservative. Does L.A.-based Vidme become a martyr for political commentators who's beliefs may not match theirs - or do they too shut the door on these types of political channels? I suspect they'll decide based on what's financially profitable more than on a free speech basis. And of course, a private business has no obligation to free speech. BTW, I am not left or right. I have no interest in either side. My question pondering is from a financial standpoint, not about whether I agree or disagree with your views.
  • JonTheBemused reply Yeah. Good for you. #GoogleAreEvil I am right behind you, though I haven't switched email platforms yet. But other than that, yes, I'm already switching to other platforms wherever, and whenever possible. Can you recommend a good email provider? I've heard a few be suggested, but none seem quite right. Given the effort it will take, I only want to make the change once. Likewise, I am using FireFox for my browser, on both Windows & iOS (it always confuses me when you label one of your videos using that, lol). I have used FireFox since it was a Phoenix in beta. I have heard a number of people suggest Brave as a browser to use. But there are problems with it. First, it uses the Google engine, so is still reliant on them. Secondly, I can't use it for this site on my iPad. And thirdly, it is flaky on my iPad. Finally, regarding your closing statement about Google: they are not too big to insult and mock though. At every opportunity.
  • HooDooBrown reply Even if a task seems impossible you can never know until it is tried. Luckily for us to swap platforms doesn't require lives, just time.
  • chucklespig reply Good luck on this site!!
  • Shy_Giygas reply I'll be putting more edgier and often political stuff on here instead of YouTubOfLard
  • SGWaS reply My old YouTube channel was terminated for "violating Community Guidelines," a.k.a. making a few Internet memes. I've done much more good than bad on the channel, so I don't know why they thought that shutting the entire thing down on me was a good idea. My 2nd channel was taken down too, even after I had streamlined the content specifically for YT. YouTube just doesn't have the feeling of creative freedom that it once had 5 or 6 years ago. Now we have to carefully adjust our content to fit the requirements for monetization, and even then you have to make sure it's not "offensive" enough to give you a Guidelines strike. Here's an idea; have another service associated with YouTube called KidsTube, or something like that. All of the family appropriate stuff can go there so us real YouTubers don't have to do this crap, or worry about being striked or terminated for arbitrary reasons, if any at all. Google, take notes.
  • emptyplacard reply Over the past couple of days I asked myself, what're the alternatives for YouTube. I searched and found vid.me. And finding some creators going here, it was a no argument for me. If a creator's channel is here, this is where I go. I search here first now. It has to start with a couple of people changing their behavior to affect anything. Even downpours start with a few drops.
  • Mr_Cinders reply I finally got my ass over here. I postponed so long because I thought, well shit, another fucking password. If I knew I could just use my twitter account to create an account I would have done it a long time ago. DERP!
  • Annunziata reply I agree stranger; YouTube has literally fucked over content creators so hard. I literally monetized my videos as a joke (I am WAY TOO microscopic to matter or to make $100 in less than 5 years) and they still felt over half my videos were dangerous (one of them literally about my old glasses breaking). I feel if YouTube doesn't want me, I do not need them Great video man, keep up the excellent content!
  • [ – ] CreatorsThinkingCritically reply Based on the title I thought this was going to be anti-Vidme. I have been in some heated debates with YouTube apologists: https://www.reddit.com/r/PartneredYoutube/comments/6ux3pl/are_vidme_or_vimeo_creators_welcome_here_too/ Some folks refuse to see YouTube for what it is.
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