Asstrollnauts. The Un-ed-JEW-cation of a nation Lesson #59

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  • [ – ] Nerbil reply Absolutly hilarious ! I look forward to seeing more videos here , fuck you jewtube
    • Nerbil parent reply Thanks for the reply . I was impressed that the videos stayed up, thats why i got an account here . Man the stuff you uploaded here is legendary . Your work is very much appreciated all the very best
    • JEWRASSIC_LIARS parent reply hiya bro ,i do this for JL and i hope hes gonna manage this channel soon himself , he aint got to much computer skills lol the videos i upload are from his first channel , i saved them (185). keep watchig bro and let the truth win and sorry for my late reply but i cant keep up with all the youtube and vidme things :)
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