Let's See How Long I Last on YouTube After THIS Video...Censorship Wave is Coming! Get Ready!

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  • [ – ] rockachild reply Great to see you on vidme pal.... i ditched yt today. Glad to see familiar faces here!!!!!!!
  • [ – ] lilzurg reply so is YouTube dead yet or?
  • charlieM60 reply Fuck YouTube, Google and Android.
  • Bonanny reply Subbed! Great stuff!
  • [ – ] VoltaicFire reply Absolutely nothing wrong with hiring LGBT people but it should never be WHY you hired them. I don't know why that isn't common sense anymore.
  • wiserbud reply Great to find your channel here. Great vids
  • [ – ] Platypus67 reply I'm very pleased to be able to welcome you here on VidMe!!! Glad you made the change too!! I really admire the honesty in your videos. Youtube is a sinking ship and will drown in its self inflicted sea of censorship and openly displayed fascism.
    • [ – ] 1_Bunny_Rabbit_Supremacist parent reply +Platypus67 There's a lot of folks calling it "fascism" (which is positionally Rt) but from my perspective it's just the planned continuation of zio-Bolshevism (which is positionally Lt). Nothing new, it doesn't come out of nowhere or a vacuum.
      • [ – ] Platypus67 parent reply The thing is - in my opinion - the fringe left extremist are quite a mirror image of the fringe right extremists. But you're factually right it's called bolshevism.
        • [ – ] Platypus67 parent reply ...and yes, it's certainly nothing new.
          • [ – ] 1_Bunny_Rabbit_Supremacist parent reply ++Platypus67 Lots of Parallels. One only needs to view the footage of the zio-Bolshevists fighting the German nationalist war vets in Bavaria before Hitler's election. Then, to extend their jew deception-based empire they fought with the German nationalists and National Socialists as Hitler was solidifying his organic collective support base throughout Germany. Same kikes here, same deception-based kikestablishment, same ideology demonizing the only political philosophy that they know can/will defeat them. NAZI is their chief boggy-word because National Socialism is their chief fear.
            • [ – ] Platypus67 parent reply Right. I warned since a few years the extreme course the left took would feed and let grow the extreme right - it's just like a balance... Sargon made a brilliant video yesterday about exactly this topic: "nazis are bad"; i suggest you check it out. Here's the link: https://youtu.be/qxwkAlK84vk
              • 1_Bunny_Rabbit_Supremacist parent reply He's simply reading from one of myriads of books that were written to contrive narratives that would attempt to discredit Hitler and the political philosophy of National Socialism that will actually bring-down the deception-based global kikestablishment empire. Nature always wins. zio-Democracy as based upon lies, deception, theft and murder is against nature.
              • 1_Bunny_Rabbit_Supremacist parent reply ++Platypus67 Looks to me that he's yet again reading another propaganda misrepresentation seeking to portray National Socialism in a negative light. There have been so many of those written to use in the control narrative in the event the public ever learn the historic truth about their jew controllers, the democratic scams and the organic system that actually effects the restorative solution.
  • JoblessTuberMusic reply Very powerful message at the beginning. I completely agree. I swear if YouTube deletes DashieGames I will FLIP.
  • robertendicott reply Hmmm, why do you do that?
  • [ – ] ChrisHvide reply I am currently looking into the possibility of starting a new video site. I am not gonna make the same mistakes blip and vidme have done (financially and efficiently not being able to see longer than their nose tip). Blip didn't really look into their hosting company to make sure they were willing to play ball as it pertains to disk space and bandwidth. I also have a few ideas when it comes to the UI itself. If you see this message and are interested in becoming part of this, message me.
    • [ – ] rockachild parent reply Contact me at rockachild@usa.com send me a list of what you need help with. All my help would be free. Ill do whatever i can to help. :)
      • [ – ] ChrisHvide parent reply Thank you. I appreciate it. Because obviously we'll need everything from web designers / programmers to moderators, lawyers, marketing experts and new thinking business experts. Please let me know if you have any qualifications within those fields. And we need people who can work for free at the beginning at least until money starts rolling in. But again, I appreciate your enthusiasm. We'll get back to you for sure.
        • [ – ] Antaganon parent reply Hey I may be able to help a little antaganon@gmail.com. I have a basic understanding of HTML and CSS. I have no problem helping for free the only thing I want to be sure of before helping is that the platform is 100% free speech. The only limitations there should be is no porn, no real gore, no threats of harm, and of course nothing illegal. Email me and let me know.
          • ChrisHvide parent reply Thank you. Appreciate it. We'll get back to you. And yes, the whole idea about the website is to keep it free speech. And if people want porn, there are 100s of sites to choose from. As far as legality goes, this is where it gets tricky and why we need lawyers on our side. What made YT so popular was that they always pushed the gray line and took risks. Today with all the streaming services, that won't be as necessary. But it's gonna happen. And so obviously we're gonna have to reach out to Royalty Free music creators to help our content creators and ourselves from getting into trouble. There's a lot of work to be done, so we need all the help we can get.
  • Ricky2017 reply Love the vids bro. Wish I could see your last vagus vid.
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