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  • [ – ] Netsurferx It is nice to experiment with in yourself and create what you feel is inside of you. Nice video - you should do more of them. Ya also nothing wrong with boobs LOL . Glad your feeling better I had what you had 3 weeks ago.
  • AdventuresOfSuze Game: How many vaginas can you see in this video???
  • [ – ] nicmet So, channeling your inner Andy Warhol?
    • AdventuresOfSuze parent I think its already well channelled!!!I haven't revealed much of my art to you, mostly thoughts from my vlogs has been the main content of Adventures of Suze, but I wanted to celebrate mysubsribers by inviting them into my magical world of play :-)
  • AdventuresOfSuze Thank you so much 😊 always love to hear from you. So glad you appreciated my video art. I love making it. And I agree it's taken me a while to get my groove here after we got shut down on you tube so I'm playing more and freeing myself up again! See how many feminine references you can see in the video if you want to play a bit with the art. I never know what I'm going to create so it's fun watching it back too! I've seen 2 feminine symbols created by the patterns in the video that kind of surprised me! Thanks so much for your support 🙏🏼🥀🦋
  • AdventuresOfSuze Thank you @aonor ❤️ beautiful TIP
  • aonor2 Hello Suze.  This new video is utterly beautiful.  It was a perfect rendition of true art.  I define art as something that makes you pause and observe in wonder something that you have never seen before. Or perhaps even a experience that leaves you in pleasant disbelief.  Perfect balance of visual grace and musical harmony.  I enjoyed most of your vocal message as well.  I will now focus on removing should from my vocabulary.  The alternative of "could" has a much more optimistic appeal as you so elegantly put it. Oh and your breasts are beautiful. A little nudity never harmed anyone lol. Just one more note.  I am shocked you only have 22 subscribers!  Wtf! My guess is 1 or more of 3 factors; vidme is not as popular as youtube, posted videos are not as frequent as youtube, or your content is not as good as it was on youtube.  With the exception of this video, your work seems more scripted and guarded.  You seemed to be more relaxed, natural, and free spirited on youtube....more Lets see more of your inner child again ;-).  Again just my opinion.
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