The TRUTH About Charlottesville

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  • [ – ] VoltaicFire reply I can't believe it's at this point but if both sides represent the extreme left and right then I strongly sympathize with the right, with the white nationalist. I always considered myself liberal, left of center, but the meaning of the positions has been warped so badly
    • Sock_Puppet parent reply I warned about this for years, unfortunately it's the most extreme left ideologies (National Socialism is also a left ideal) that shout the loudest, history has started to play out and Civil war is only a few short years away, unless Trump declares Marshal law and curfews everybody but such an act will lead to a revolution anyway. Only the most severe punishment for those who funded, propagated and followed this agenda will stop the tide from here on out!
  • [ – ] 3oddbits reply This whole mess was a setup by the American Political Left. Look at UC Berkley and how it played out ... LEO's told to stand down / disappear. Ditto. This time Antifa had the open support of the State Governor and City Mayor. Look at the state / city leadership in every state this has happened in ... lead by the Left. The politicians need to start suffering the consequences of their actions and rhetoric.
    • rxantos parent reply Fat chance at that. Lets say you sue the city. They do not care, as is not their money. All you got is the extortion payer to pay more. Political? Every 4 years and they might even remain. Ideally a class action lawsuit should go to put a liens on the PERSONAL ASSETS of the politician.
  • Menexus reply Durst the Wurst quite possibly had the worst most uninformed coverage of this... He didn't talk to a single "Nazi" as he called them. I think the lack of black/ brown faces and no Kekistani flags scared him. We need to let people speak and assemble peacefully. I am A-OK with a prohibition on face coverings at protests. I think masks only embolden the cowardly to violently lash out.
  • Platypus67 reply Ah, ok cnn; to shout 'black lives matter' is absolutely ok - but if someone shouts 'white lives matter' he clearly is a rassist fascist. What a fair piece of journalistic integrity. BRAVO CNN/MSNBC! SHAME ON YOU, YOU PIECES OF SHEIT!!
  • theworldfromferg reply Leave it to a winging atheist to isolate one thing they disagree with and apply it to the whole video.
  • [ – ] GanjaGamerKen reply God given right.. fuck this idiot.. prove there is a god let alone your particular god. Neither side is correct. My neighbor was there. He has a press pass. He performed CPR on the woman who died until EMS arrived and could take over. I'm going to try to get him to let me interview him about what he saw and did during Charlottesville. this asshole in the video is pushing an agenda just like the left. When a boot is on your throat oppressing you, whether it is a left boot or right boot, is of little consequence.
    • rxantos parent reply I understand that is Difficult for the atheist to understand the concept of God. Even if there is no god, then there is no life. No good no evil, no thinking. All that exist then is cause and effect you are the product of a chain reaction, thereof you do not think you just react. So I will try something simpler. Do you own yourself or does society owns you? If you own yourself then you are your own responsibility and to take care of that responsibility you need to be able to communicate with others and to defend your property (aka yourself). From the recognition that you are a sentient being the rights come. That's why the USA RECOGNIZES and does not grant rights. The right to communicate with others. The right to defend yourself, etc. If, however, your answer is that you do not own yourself and society owns you, then it would be a waste of time as you are already a self hating slave.
    • Menexus parent reply Jesus Christ, is that what you took from this video?! Calm down and focus on what's important here. Just replace "god" with some other word if it's so upsetting for you... and maybe cut back on that Ganja, Ken.
    • [ – ] GAConyers parent reply I was curious what the truth of the situation was from people that were there. Thanks for adding this to the convo. Please tell him people would like to hear about a non-biased view as much as possible.
      • phainesthai parent reply The person who did CPR is likely traumatized - if you want non biased wait for the singularity.
      • GanjaGamerKen parent reply I'm going to try he was shaken up pretty bad by it. He said some news agency interviewed him down there. Going to try my best to see if I can get his story out.
  • Gelbfur reply >Democrats violently riot for years MSM does nothing >Conservatives riot once and the MSM acts like it's the second coming of Hitler
  • TheRakugoGuy reply I completely agree. I will defend anyone's right to say what they please. Were both sides in the wrong with how it was handled. Absolutely. However I sympathize with the right as they were not the aggressors in the situation. It was the communist fucknuts that stressed the situation and the blame rests heavily on the government of Charlotsville and the commonwealth of Virginia. Besides the racial division was started with Obama; but it's Trump's fault that there are massive racial divisions in this country.
  • Ockhams_Cannon reply Imagine a group of children who have surrounded a dog. Maybe it's an ugly dog. Maybe it's a smelly and otherwise unpleasant dog but it has not attacked or hurt anyone. Further imagine that these children are throwing stones at the dog and poking it with sticks. Imagine that they are using urine and feces and chemicals and make shift flame throwers to torture the dog. Imagine that they have been torturing this dog for hours. Also imagine that the parents of these children and other adults are watching over the spectacle, but instead of curbing and correcting the children's behavior they are actually allowing it to happen. Even encouraging it. Finally imagine that the dog snaps under the stress and attacks one of the children.. Let's say that the child dies from the injuries. Tragic? Yes. Sad? Maybe. Surprised? Not even a little bit. Blame the dog? Not me. That's because I'm not an idiot.
  • [ – ] darkridr reply This video was not available for me to view on YouTube. I checked my feed here and discovered it. Perhaps this was a exclusive, but if not, this would be the first instance I've come across of YT censoring content....
    • darkridr parent reply Correction: This wasn't available on Suit's channel. The original to The Red Elephants' video still works.
  • Verepaine reply Did that fox news reporter say it was a WWII statue of general Lee ?! fire her
  • arogzy reply Being white is a mutation. So is being black or Asian or having green eyes.
  • ironrope reply this only emboldens and further radicalizes the right wing - good! the left has decided it's destiny long, long ago and the obvious double-standard and misinformation is awakening people whom may find themselves to be classic liberals/centrists and helping them switch to the right. the radical right wing is truly a force to be reckoned with in america and it is great to see this violence beginning on american streets - the clashes will grow more and more bloody and it is due to the radicalization of the left turning normally unradicalized peoples to extreme political ideals! it is a "right" vs "left" now and i love it...the left are going to be obliterated.
  • theworldfromferg reply Ganjagamerken, when he says God given right it can be interpreted as rights given by nature as outlined in the Federalist papers. (I dont know how to reply yet on this site)
  • Carm3D reply Holy shit.
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