Black Tiger - Lloyd & JD Retro

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  • [ – ] SarahKellysen reply I freaking love this Lloyd & JD Retro arcade game series! Honestly I wish I was a kid/teen in the 80s/90s because I would love to have gone to arcades and played these types of games haha
    • [ – ] LloydandJD parent reply I spent way to many quarters and time on these games in my younger days. Was a lot of fun though, and always cool to try and beat the new games. If this series gains some popularity here on on YouTube, we will definitely film some more episodes soon!
      • [ – ] SarahKellysen parent reply I bet they are easy and straight to the point where anyone could get it and I am excited to see more episodes of this! Definitely my favourite segment for you guys!
  • skullfink reply Love the old school arcade stuff!
  • LloydandJD reply Upvote for more Retro Gaming Episodes!
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