In Defense of David Seaman

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  • 1Source reply I came over with David Seaman on January 3, and so far I've had a great experience, Thank you for speaking rationally about the influx of YouTubers coming to This is a great opportunity for the folks on this platform. You see David's fans have a wide range of interests and a great sense of community, as well as patriotic devotion. At this moment the patriotism is the main theme that has brought the YouTube tribe to as an escape from censorship and Nazis at YouTube. One of our most important freedoms, the First Amendment is under attack and I invite the community to stand and fight with us. Rest assured that we will filter out to a great number of channels over time. I for one have already begun this trend. I really enjoy misterhat, CoolVideoBro and Enea5
  • watzizname reply Youtube were actively preventing David Seaman's videos from ranking properly in their search results, so it was more a comment on how much more honest a platform is than a statement of his intent to takeover. He has a large following that's only growing, i think it can only be beneficial to and it's content creators As for the "Trending" section, who cares.. I've never used YT's and didn't even know there was one here till I saw all the comments about how it now needs to be changed.. because it's working properly. Interesting video, you speak a lot of sense and i look forward to more.. Up-voted and followed :)
  • FaBon reply Thank you for your helpful commentary about David Seaman, I Have been following David for quite some time watching every new upload on YT and now on VIDME. Golly, people here who are sour about what he said (which I do not recall ever hearing him say in a video but am sure he must have if folks here are saying so), anyway, you, who are not liking David for that reason, DO not know David yet. David does not have a big head or ego about anything. He is a class act reporter, (he used to write for Huffington Post so he has the creds) My point is, David is just good people and you will discover that as you get to know him through his uploads. He is not all about Pizzagate, but right now it IS of major importance to him and to his followers. (Myself included). David would never want to step on anyone's toes here or bring too much controversy to a place that he admired enough to ask us all to follow him to. The fact that we have speaks volumes for him and volumes for VIDME. Since I joined ...moreI have been watching other vids here and upvoting those I love, which has been just about all that I have viewed so far. Thank you for giving David a chance. Just today, another of my favorite uploaders from YT announced he was coming here and I am sooo happy. New friends and old friends ...feels like going to summer camp. Except damn! it is flipping cold outside! LOL
  • QuazzVids reply Hi Mazzy, thanks for the thoughtful video. Just wanna make myself clear here that I totally support David's content and all the success he's had here. In my video I was just offering some constructive criticism on what he said that rubbed some people the wrong way. I also think he just misspoke and it didn't have any negative connotations. I also used the wrong phrasing in my video - I said apology but what I really meant was an explanation. For the second half of my video I just wanted to offer some ideas to refine the trending page, but I also think it should not be the homepage of Vidme because it doesn't represent the community. Just want to be clear that I don't think we need to take it down - it just needs functionality tweaks. That is, the algorithm should remain mostly the same to determine trending videos but the page should be organized into genres. Honestly though it doesn't even matter how it's formatted if it's not the homepage of the website, which is my main concern.
  • Faultyboy reply Great video! The ending made me laugh... Found through David Seaman.
  • [ – ] BrianAiya reply Let's be honest, now noone really cares what Davis Seaman said or didn't say. the new discussion now is about the trending tab and that Vidme team must solve this issue soon. yes, it's not vidme's fault, the trending tab is fairly a new feature and Vidme didn't expect a big youtuber to get in Vidme in the right time. So we expect the trending tab to be updated. We have to give vidme some time.
    • [ – ] The1Mazzy parent reply But why should it be updated or changed? Like I said in my video it is working exactly how it should work.
      • BrianAiya parent reply i meant in how long the video stay up in the trending until it refreshes. I agree that it works when it comes to the rate or upvotes and views, but it's been 2 days already. I like his videos, just like you i found about him from vidme. But you get what i mean when i mean updated.
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