Beam vs Twitch - Beam, I Choose You!

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  • KW-Erion reply Glad to see you loving beam. I'll def look for you, I tell everyone this all the time Beam is a Family, not a community.
  • RubenLeija reply This is super insightful. I'll def check it out
  • jrswab reply Beam is awesome! I've been there since September of 2015
  • roshugaming reply glad to hear you are enjoying the site man been there since the open beta myself and the growth the last few weeks have been amazing. One thing that sucks for me have too many issues when I try to ftl unfortunately
  • Apepresident reply Sounds interesting. Hope I can catch your stream at one point.
  • bunniiBGG reply i might try beam out cause u say its good.
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